My recent obsession with floral print on everything.

Am I the only person who has been bit by the floral bug this spring?

All of a sudden I love everything floral and pastel. I remember wearing a lot of printed floral outfits in the 90’s, so maybe I’m having positive association flashbacks or something. Who knew that floral could be cute and sexy and fashionable?! I was skeptical before, but now I’m a believer.

And if I had an unlimited budget and a credit card that wasn’t still recovering from my latest Stitch Fix binge, and a baby who didn’t cause huge messes all over my outfits, I’d be all over these beauties:

Favorite Floral Pieces For Spring

// dress // blazer // blouse //

// clutch // contour skirt // ankle pants // dress // ankle jeans //

// sunglasses //

What trend are you loving this spring? Are you wearing florals? Are you loving pastels or bright shades of colors?



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