Checking in (on my 2015 resolutions)

There is nothing I love more than the one-word resolution ‘trend’. In 2013 my word was ‘Freedom’, in 2014 my word was ‘Still’, and in 2015 my word is ‘Intentional’.

I think that the fact that I remember my ‘resolution’ from 2 years ago is a testament to how well the whole let’s-just-focus-on-one-word thing works!

More specifically, back in January I listed a few goals for this year:

To read more. (Yep! I’m reading at least one book per week)

To write more. (Eh…. I’m trying to write in my journal more!)

To turn the TV off in favor of conversations and cooking and doing things around the house. (The TV is off but I’m not quite so sure any housework is getting done. But I am paying a lot of attention to Clara, so I think that counts)

To entertain guests more often in order to increase the amount of time we spend with loved ones and show hospitality. (Actively working on this one and I think I’m succeeding!)

To take pride in my home by cleaning it and decorating it and making it lovely. (Ughhhh. Baby steps.)

To dress in a way that makes me feel good, instead of putting on whatever is the easiest to get out of my closet/drawers. (YES. I have totally cleaned out my closet and am thrilled with the pieces I’ve acquired lately. I feel like a whole new person!)

To eat healthily (and cook more frequently). (Another yes! We have a lot of fruits and veggies on hand at all times and we make most of our meals.)

To exercise in order to feel great, but not to any extremes. (I could be doing better at this, but I have definitely been more active than I was at the end of 2014 and I haven’t been pushing myself too hard. Plus I went to physical therapy which has made a huge difference.)

To spend time thinking about things that need to be thought about, but not to waste time with thoughts about the past or future. (This is another area that I’ve really improved in! Of course, I could always do better, but I’m proud at the changes I’ve made thus far. The only thing now is that sometimes I find myself living in the future and not the present. Not in an anxiety-inducing way, but in the ‘Oh I can’t wait for…’ type way. Now I’m working on slowing my roll and being present RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE.)

These were pretty generic resolutions, but I think I’ve been successful thus far because I’ve remembered them and have been focused on the common theme of being intentional. At the beginning of 2015 I was uncertain about how this year would go, and I’m happy to report that (although it’s nothing like the excitement of last year) I’m enjoying my time with Clara and Tim immensely! We’ve done some traveling, we’ve spent a lot of time with family and friends, we’ve experienced so many of Clara’s ‘firsts’ and we’re getting some sleep here and there! Plus, I’ve crossed a major item off my bucket list by taking a few photography classes.

Part of me being intentional has been to invest more in myself, my family, my friends, and my community – and it’s been so rewarding. I’ve also been spending more time in the Word and listening to what God is calling me to do with this life of mine. It’s amazing how clear His voice is when I don’t have so many other things distracting me, and I feel like I have a better understanding of which things I need to be pursing and which things I need to let go.

I’m excited to see what the remainder of this year has in store for us. Now that it’s summer, I’m seeing all great things ahead!

Do you remember what your 2015 resolutions are? How have they been going?


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