Three years

Tim and I celebrated our three year wedding anniversary overlooking Seattle at the Sky City restaurant, which is on top of the Space Needle. As a bonus, the restaurant spins around, so we were able to enjoy views of downtown, Queen Anne, the water, etc. It was a dreary day here yesterday, so it was nice to enjoy good company and good food while taking in the lights below us.

Third Anniversary at the Space Needle

One of these days I will look less awkward in table pictures. Yesterday was not that day.

It was our first date night since moving to Seattle, and it was much needed! Clara did great with the babysitter and went to bed without a fuss (Whhhhaaaat? That never happens when we have babysitters!), proving that even she knew it was a special occasion.

I’m looking forward to a lifetime of anniversaries with my best friend by my side.

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