A few words on marriage

Marriage is awesome for a lot of reasons, but one of the best/worst things about marriage has been all of the things I’ve been able to learn about myself. I’m proud of some of the things I’ve learned, and other realizations have made me cringe a little bit.

(Anyone else?!)

Thoughts on marriage

The great thing is that even though Tim knows the good, the bad, and the ugly about me, he manages to be steadfast in his support and love for me and our little family, which is already more than I expected in a husband all of those years ago when I was creating my (mental) ‘attributes I should probably be looking for in a husband’ list.

I think if I was giving advice to a single girlfriend, I would tell her that finding a partner who is unwavering in his love is probably the most important thing. And I might also mention that marriage is pretty hard, but it is also great. And that it is a learning experience that never ends. When two flawed people get married it’s never going to be easy, but it can still be really, really imperfectly beautiful.

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