It’s Cyber Monday and my credit card is feeling the burn

Cyber Monday is here at either a great or horrible time, depending on how I choose to look at it, because this month I’m trying to redo my wardrobe, re-design our entire house, decorate for Christmas… while also being as minimalist as possible and getting rid of everything in my house that doesn’t bring me joy. It’s as difficult as it sounds.

Anyway, over the weekend I found some decent deals and ended up buying spending more than I intended. However, I only bought things that have been on my shopping list for a while. Well, I mean, I guess there were a few exceptions… but really I managed to impulse buy very little and I stuck to my list when it came to most purchases. I’m considering my shopping experience a victory overall, but we’ll see if I get buyer’s remorse later!

Cyber Monday Purchases

Some things I’m especially excited about…

  • This chambray shirt – Since I use Ebates, I received an extra 9% cash back from J.Crew Factory in addition to the 15% off of the 50% reduced price they’re offering today. How could I resist? Sidenote: Am I the last person on Earth who doesn’t own a chambray shirt?
  • A neutral necklace with just a little bling to it
  • A classic shirt – Am I crazy for  buying non-maternity clothes when my bump is already on full display? Yes. I’m clearly in a state of pregnancy denial.
  • A couple of rugs from Rugs USA – 80% off?! YES, please.
  • A polka-dot pillow cover – I’m absolutely sure I’m an adult now because I’m actually really excited about this pillow!
  • A few prints for Clara’s room and the house in general

My very-strict budget will start in January. Probably. Possibly.

Are there any awesome Cyber Monday deals that you’re especially excited about? Did you splurge or save this weekend?

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