Weekend Vibes & Links to Read

The hardest week of the year is behind us! (Well, actually, I’d be very happy if this was the hardest week of the year because it actually wasn’t so bad once we got through the first couple of days… but it wasn’t easy adjusting to Tim being back at work!)

On Monday Clara sat by the window waiting for Tim to get home from work… at 9:30am. Poor girl. I’m thankful that she loves her daddy so much, but I’m also like, ‘hello, your mommy is right here and I’ve heard she’s pretty great, too!’

Anyway, I hope your weekend is wonderful and relaxing and all of the things you need to recover from a full week of work after a holiday break!

Weekend Vibes

Sending you these weekend vibes.

Things I’ve Read on the Web:

// “The average American home has 300,000 items inside it. Three hundred thousand things.” (here) *Sidenote, keeping this in mind, it’s no wonder it was so easy for me to get rid of about 500 items from our home!*

// “Take a stand.  Fight for what makes sense to you, and you will see how your life gradually turns into a living, breathing manifestation of everything you could have imagined. As you progress on this new journey of living, remember that some people around you will naturally be taken aback.  But as long you aren’t hurting them, you don’t owe them anything that takes away your power to move forward with your life.” (here)

// “I can’t spend money on myself because I don’t believe in myself.
Ah, that sucks to write, but it’s the truth, and I’m not going to feed you, my readers, bullshit about saving money if I know in my heart it’s not true.

Whenever I have the opportunity to take a class, learn something new, sign up for a challenge, or invest in a service that would make my life better, I start to question if I’m worth it. What if I suck at it? What if I don’t show up? Shouldn’t I just do this myself? Do I really “deserve” this?

The answer should be HELL YES! But sometimes the voice in my head tells me no.
Do I believe in lavish dinners you can’t afford? No. Buying gifts because you feel obligated? Definitely not. Purchasing things you want on credit cards or borrowed money? Never.

But I’m becoming a believer in the magical art of spending money on yourself.” (here)

// “Style experts disagree on whether or not the Oxford comma (also called the serial comma) is required but that is a stupid argument because CLEARLY YOU SHOULD USE IT.” (here)

I hope you enjoy your weekend. Cheers!

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