10 Things I’m Loving Right Now

My (crazy pregnancy) hormones have been all over the place lately, but today they’re on an upswing, so let’s take advantage of that and think of all things happy and positive – shall we?

10 Things I'm Loving Right Now

10 Things I’m Loving Right Now:

This book.
– Pineapple. Tim bought this and now we eat an entire pineapple every single day.
– The extra hour of sunlight we’re enjoying now! Yay Daylight Savings Time! Today we had sunlight until 7pm and I’m not complaining, not at all.
– All of the stretchiest clothes in the world. Especially these maternity jeans.
– The chocolate-covered apples and strawberries that my MIL gifted me as a surprise earlier this week. I think chocolate-covered fruit is one of my love languages.
– Tea. All of the tea. (Although, to be honest, it’s a poor substitute for wine after a long day.)
This nail polish color.
– The new Bachelorette.
– Being closer and closer to meeting ‘Baby Beni’ and finding out whether I’m going to be the mom of two girls or a girl and a boy! I absolutely love not knowing the gender of this baby yet – it’s keeping me in such great suspense!
– Fresh flowers, especially tulips. (Hinting, per usual, Tim!)

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What are you loving right now?

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