Quick Thoughts

// I hope this is true. I need more Jon Stewart in my life, especially during this Presidential campaign craziness.

// I hope this is not true – because no one has ever wished their finger nail polish tasted like fried chicken. Right?

// I finally got my Washington State driver’s license. And I’m registered to vote here. So basically I feel unstoppable.

Friday thoughts

Unrelated and gratuitous pic of my two girls. Notice how Isabelle is almost the same size as Clara.

// I’ve had really bad headaches / neck stiffness since Monday morning (Spinal headaches? Side effect of labor? No one knows) but a grande white chocolate mocha with an extra shot of espresso clears it right up. That and painkillers. But as a side effect of the mocha (caffeine), I feel unstoppable for quite a few hours!

// I am still on pain killers but am hoping to slowly wean myself off over the next few days. Wish me luck.

// Is it my hormones or is there actually nothing cuter than baby snores? I’m sitting here listening to Isabelle and my heart can barely handle it.

// I just found out four more friends are pregnant, which means my friends/family members are welcoming over twenty five babies in 2016! So much love!

// I’m looking for family-friendly, environmentally-friendly cleaning products. I would think a simple internet search would provide great recommendations, but I’m overwhelmed! If you have products you’ve tried and loved, please let me know!

// A friend made us ‘slow cooker enchilada quinoa‘ for dinner the other night, and I already can’t wait to make/eat it again. It was sooooo good.


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