Books I Read in June

Can you believe I managed to read seven books in June?! Me neither. Although, to be fair, some of these books weren’t exactly too thought-provoking so I was able to speed right through them. Still though, it was a good month of reading for me and I like to think that every minute I was reading was a minute I wasn’t glued to my phone or TV. And also a minute that I wasn’t instructing Clara on life’s most basic lessons for the bijillionth time. (Seriously, today I had to tell her not to pee on her sister. Why would she even think that was acceptable?!)

Books I Read in June

Books I Read in June:

// The Whole-Brain Child – I know I loved this while I was reading it (because Goodreads tells me so), but I honestly can’t remember anything in it now that it’s been a month. I think I’ve read so many books that are similar to this that I didn’t find it to be revolutionary, but if you’re only going to read a few books on child development, this should be on the top of your list. I regret picking this one up at the library, because I should have bought it so I could refer back to it when I need some tips. I may still buy it, actually…

// The Lipstick Gospel – I didn’t expect to like this book at all, but I really, really loved it! It’s an easy read about a young woman’s path to finding God, which sounds cliche, and maybe it is, but this woman is so easy to relate to that I loved reading about her journey. She talks about breaking up with a boyfriend, her sorority, friendship, studying abroad… I just loved what she had to say and her conclusions about faith and her relationship with God.

// Something Borrowed – I wish I didn’t love Emily Giffin books as much as I do. Her books are seriously the perfect beach read and I must highly recommend them.

// Something Blue – (See previous review)

// Baby Proof – This was my least favorite Emily Giffin book, because I just didn’t love the ending – at all. I don’t want to go into it here (because everyone hates a spoiler), but has anyone read this book? Thoughts?

// When Breath Becomes Air – You must read this book. It is so, so good. It made me want to change the world. Of course, it is a bit sad, but I expected to cry and I didn’t. It’s written by a young neurosurgeon who knows he’s dying of cancer. He writes about death and life and really living. This book made me think a lot about what gives me a sense of purpose in my own life and the importance of the present moment.

// Reconstructing Amelia – I couldn’t put this book down, but then at the end I was left feeling bleh. It’s a book about a girl who dies after falling from the roof of her school. Her mother doesn’t believe it was an accident, so she goes through her daughter’s texts/social media messages/emails, etc in order to find out the truth. I liked how modern this book is in its approach, and I really did want to know what happened to Amelia! However, I don’t want to give anything away, but the book was believable until it just wasn’t. If you’ve read it, let me know your thoughts.

Can you give me some more recommendations?! My to-read list is getting pretty short.

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