I finally caved into peer pressure and joined Snapchat

If you know anything about me, you know that I’m very reluctant to adopt technology and social media early. It took me years to get Twitter and years to get Instagram and years to get a Facebook page for my blog.

Should I have gotten all of these earlier? Heck yes! 

I strongly believe that in the early days of a new social media platform everyone follows everyone. Then eventually people feel like they’re following enough people and don’t add new users as readily. At least that’s how I feel about it.

But that’s neither here nor there. The point is, people kept telling me I should get Snapchat and I held off. Basically, I just didn’t understand the point of it. Couldn’t I just text people videos and pictures?

My initial thoughts about Snapchat

However, then Tim got Snapchat and showed me the story feature and explained how it worked and he won me over to the dark side. Basically, I realized what an awesome tool it is to take a few pictures/videos  and show him what the girls and I are doing all day! I love that. Instead of texting him updates all day, I can create a whole little ‘story’ with pics/videos and captions and he can catch up with us when he has time. Perfect!

(And to think I thought this app was just a way for teens to sext each other… Little did I know the family friendliness of it!)

In terms of using Snapchat for blogging… I’m not sure there’s a use, quite honestly. I think it’s fun for readers to see what bloggers are up to, now that blogs are less ‘lifestyle’ and more ‘useful’ posts, but in terms of growing readership – I can’t figure out how that would work. I do think it could help create a more engaged group of readers, though. I know that following someone on Snapchat makes me feel like I really know them way better! (That’s probably creepy, now that I think about it.)

My initial thoughts about Snapchat

In taking this pic I realized how dirty my phone screen is. Yuck. I’d like to think it’s because of grubby toddler fingers and not my own doing… let’s go with that.

I will admit, I’m not sure how to use this app other than to do the very basics, but so far I love it more than I thought I would.

Although I do have questions. For instance, I’m also not sure how many times a day I’m supposed to post to my story. Are there ‘rules’ about this? Am I annoying everyone when I have too many posts? Am I boring everyone when I don’t post enough?

Also, am I supposed to send people Snapchats (is that what they’re called?) directly or do I just add them to my story? Isn’t it redundant if I do both?

Help me out here, guys, I’m lost! 

Also, if you have Snapchat, I want to know your username so I can follow more people. Thank you in advance for keeping my procrastinating and easily distractable spirit going strong.

If you want to see what I’m up to all day e’ry day, my username is lisabenroeck. I’m very creative, I know.

I’ll be over here snappin’ away with the rest of the cool kids.

*Sidenote: Our 15 year old babysitter thinks it’s hilarious that we’re parents and have Snapchat. She says she knows we’re kind of young parents but we’re still parents and it just cracks her up. I’m sure she thinks Tim’s nuts for sending her cute pics of Clara via the app, but we just have to prove how ‘with it’ we are, so I think he shall persist.

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