I’m linking up with Gretch and Kristen today to answer the very pressing and vague question of… What’s new?!

Well… (I’m so glad you asked!)

+ Isabelle hasn’t been fussy lately! This is a complete game changer. I mean, she’s fussy some days, but there is nothing like a baby not being cranky to appreciate how cranky she truly is! Clara was such an easy baby, but Isabelle… not so much. She is awake a lot and when she is awake, she’s usually been crying. But in the past few days when she has been awake she’s been alert, quiet, and looking around – quite content with life. When she isn’t crying for hours at a time my whole life is easier, leaving the house happens quicker, and my patience with Clara seems infinite. So maybe I can do this mom thing.

Isabelle Rose

+ I got Snapchat, which we’ve already discussed.

+ Clara continues to be hilarious and say funny things that only me and Tim think are all that funny. Seriously, two-year-olds are the best. But also the worst. But really they’re the best.

+ Speaking of which, I have less than one more week having two kids under two years old because Clara officially turns two on the 13th! It’s weird because she has been acting so much like a two year old over the past few weeks/months that I forget how young she really is still. Plus, next to Isabelle she seems like a giant. So young with so much attitude/personality, this one.

Rattlesnake Lake

+ We went hiking this past weekend and it poured down rain and I realized how hard it is to make a baby waterproof. Somehow Isabelle slept through most of the four miles and I don’t know how because the poor girl had to be a bit chilly. She was definitely a little soaked over-damp and I won’t be winning any mother-of-the-year awards anytime soon. However, Clara had an absolute blast and I loved seeing her in nature. Also, it was a poor choice for me to pick a hike known for its views on a rainy day. We reached the ledge only to see clouds. Lots of clouds. It looks like we’ll be trying that particular hike again another day…

Rattlesnake Lake

+ We didn’t see fireworks this year. I think it’s the first time in my life I didn’t see them on the fourth of July but I’m okay with it because Clara’s sleep schedule has been really off and I know it’s been contributing to her not-as-awesome behavior. I feel badly that I’m making her overtired because of our social plans, so I’m making an effort to say no to things that would push her to her limits. Bleh.

+ I started reading this book and Tim keeps asking what I’m laughing at. I can’t help but crack up at her writing!

+ I got these pants from ThredUp and was hoping I would love them but the fit was a little off even though they were super, super comfy. In the return pile they shall go… Sigh.

+ And as long as we’re talking about getting rid of things, I’m currently on a mission to get rid of everything in our house. At least that’s what it feels like. We’re renting an old house with limited storage/closet space so I feel like I see all of our possessions all of the time, and that makes me feel cluttered. So, I’m getting rid of everything I don’t absolutely love. My closet is breathing a sigh of relief!

I’m really, really glad it’s a short week this week… Three cheers for the upcoming weekend!

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