A bullet pointed post is all my brain can handle right now

It’s Friday and my brain has turned to mush. Tim has left for work before 7am most days this week which means I’ve had some looooong mom days! Thank goodness for caffeine and afternoon naps for both girls.

Here’s what else is on my mind:

What would I do without this water bottle?! It keeps my morning tea hot for HOURS so I can actually get around to drinking it during naptime. It’s pricey but WORTH IT.

– This week Clara learned to climb a new piece of playground equipment. I had never seen her climb it before and all of a sudden she just scurried right up it and THREE different moms came up to me to ask me how old she is, because their older kids (evidently) won’t even try it. Of course I was really proud of her and her fearlessness and coordination. She doesn’t get either of those traits from my side of the family, though. Thanks for providing some good genes, Tim!

Clara on the playground

– Speaking of physical accomplishments, I went to a spin/barre (combined) class this week and realized just how truly out of shape I am. I am on a mission to get to the gym or running trail more often, but it is hard guys. Sometimes all of the time I just want to sit around and eat ice cream.

– I watched parts of the RNC this week and I have lots of thoughts but I’ll just say that I’m tired of hearing how bad America is and how bad it could get. I guess I’m just overly optimistic because although I agree that changes need to be made to certain parts of our country, I do not live in fear each day. I feel so blessed to live in America, with all of our many freedoms, and I want to hear politicians be prideful of where we live and then talk about how it’s going to be even better. (What I’m most interested in is how my children are going to be kept safe and be provided with very-affordable birth control and make the same wages as men one day.)

4moms mamaRoo swing

Isabelle loves this swing. I always hear moms say that their little ones don’t like it but I say it is worth every single penny.

I do not care about the Nordstrom sale. At all. If I want steep discounts on clothes/shoes/accessories I buy them from a consignment store, secondhand. Or maybe I’m just jealous I didn’t get early access…

– I am not missing Chicago weather at all right now. Or ever. The PNW has the best weather in the country (year round), I am convinced. Right now it’s in the 60s outside! I mean, that’s not great if you want to spend the day at the pool, but it is perfect for playing at the park with kids or walking around the neighborhood or jogging or anything else you’d want to do outdoors. I’m already starting to get wimpy, though – the other day it was in the 70s and I found myself complaining about the heat!

We don’t have any plans this weekend but I’m going to go ahead and assume it will be filled with coffee, kid naps, friends, and lots of time spent outside. Tim has been working a ton this week so I’m super-excited for some quality time and also a break from my little minions.


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