From Four to Two: My thoughts on this week’s episode of The Bachelorette

Did you see The Bachelorette this week?! I did. (And since I’m on mom-time when it comes to watching TV shows, this post is practically early!)


Here are my thoughts on the Final Four:

+ Luke. Oh man, I can’t believe she ended up letting this (really, really attractive) man go before the fantasy suite! Although, if he wasn’t nervous about going home, why did he take her away from the rose ceremony to make sure he said those three magic words? Still, he seemed shocked when she let him go and I felt so bad for him! Did I feel bad for JoJo though? NO! Because I think she’s completely loony for letting him go and getting stuck with the final three that she chose.

+ Chase. I’ve always thought Chase was boring but kind of in a more normal way than Robby and Jordan. They seemed to have a nice date¬†(although I didn’t really think JoJo was feeling it) but then I thought he might redeem himself in the fantasy suite EXCEPT she let him go before then but after he said “I love you” for evidently the first time in his life. I mean, wait, hold on, what?! I’m sure he was thinking that after all of this chaos that he had to go through for this show he was FINALLY going to get some alone time with JoJo (and by “alone time” I mean sex). However, we all know this wasn’t meant to be because of course JoJo waited until he actually SAID “I love you” to tell him that he had to leave the show. Worst timing for a breakup ever. And I’m sure Chase is even happier having all of this on TV, but I guess that’s what happens when you go on a reality dating show. I’m just confused as to why in the first rose ceremony JoJo let Luke go for not saying “I love you” but kept Chase. So confusing.

+ Robby. He seems like a smooth guy. Too smooth, if you ask me. He ended a four year relationship a few months prior to the show starting but now he’s in love already? I just don’t buy what he’s selling.

+ Jordan. I don’t think he’s going to be getting married to anyone any time soon. I’m not sure he’s necessarily searching for fame, but I also think that if he knew he was going to be the next bachelor he would have no problem with JoJo breaking up with him. Anyway, I thought the hiking and the caves was a pretty awesome date and they clearly have chemistry or whatever and he’s another smooth talker and basically has no clue what the future will hold for them because he’s never considered it because he doesn’t plan on actually staying with her. At least that’s what I got out of their convo.

Sidenote: Is it just me or does it seem like JoJo is really afraid of getting rejected and so only keeps the guys who seem to have fallen in love way too quickly? I blame Ben H. for this mess.

… Did this episode have an ending? If it did I didn’t see it because the DNC messed up my DVR-ing.

Prediction: I hope she doesn’t pick either of the final two and I really just want her to call Luke back and marry him. The end. I think she¬†probably loved Ben H. more than either Robby or Jordan. If she does pick one of these last two, there is no way she ends up staying with them. I don’t even care who she picks, actually. I do not approve, JoJo!

Men Tell All:

I love Chad. I loved him especially when he summarized the final two men for JoJo and I also love that he’s kissing the ex-girlfriends of Robby and Grant and posting about it on Instagram. I can’t wait for Bachelor in Paradise.

I’m over this season but I’ll be tuned in to see how it all goes down…

What do you think of her final two guys?!

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