90 degrees and no AC, but it’s FRIDAY!

Ohhhh this week. It’s been a doozy. If you follow me on Snapchat (lisabenroeck) you know that my life basically consists of wrangling two girls at all times and making sure Clara doesn’t over-love her sister to death.

It’s a full-time job. (Well, actually it is my full-time job. One that I don’t get paid for. But that’s a different post for a different time.)

This was one of those weeks when playdates and social plans fell through, the weather was hot, the next-door construction was loud, Clara had extra energy, Isabelle had two teeth pop in, Tim worked a ton, I (on the other hand) have low energy and am possibly very hormonal, and my life generally seems out-of-whack and chaotic. Nothing tragic happened, but if something could go just a bit wrong, it did.

That’s where I’m at today. Just trying to get to the weekend and not melt on the way. (It’s going to be a scorching 90 degrees here and we don’t have AC and this in itself makes me moody.)

Thankfully, I think this weekend will redeem this week. We have social plans, we have church, and we have a BBQ with some new friends. We can do this thing.

weekend 2016-08-19

I’ll leave you with some links:

// 5 Shared Traits Among Elite Performers: “In addition to breaking world records, elite performers can and do find ways to contribute as assets in any field. They produce results. After all, that’s how we recognize elite performance in the first place. The following qualities of elite performers deal more with how they do what they do. From what I’ve been reading recently, they are relatively universal in nature. I’ll list those books at the end of each trait – just in case you don’t believe me.” (here)

// What I Learned From My Mother: (here) – This is a long-ish video and it’s worth every second.

// The 90 Second Rule: “I’ve heard people sing praises of “breathing through it.” Of breathing through the pain, the chaos, those crazed moment where toddlers wail and dogs bark and toes and hearts break and sanity alarms bellow and good gracious, I am losing my miiiiiiiiind.

And I always thought “breathing through it” was dumb advice, as if life was just one big Lamaze class, and sure, it’s great in theory but when that baby is crowning, you’re probably gonna scream either way.


I can breathe for 90 seconds.
I can do anything for 90 seconds.” (here)

// Simplicity Leads To Happiness In Children (And Here’s How to Do It): “Slowing down feeds our souls and nurtures our families. No matter what parenting style we practice, this topic unites us.” (here)

Did anyone else have a rough week?! (I hope not, but it’d  be nice to know I’m not the only one!)

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4 Responses to 90 degrees and no AC, but it’s FRIDAY!

  1. IT’S SO HOT! SO freaking hot. The no AC thing here in Seattle is our biggest downfall, far worse than the rain. Sending you cool vibes and hoping you live within walking distance of ice cream or frozen yogurt 🙂

    • Lisa says:

      I agree. If I ever buy a place I’m going to have AC installed! Thank goodness I do live within walking distance of froyo AND ice cream!

  2. Heather H says:

    I can totally relate to this…and I find that the heat makes everything 100 times worse!!!

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