All outside. All of the time.

This weekend was filled with all sorts of fun things.

Mainly, we’ve been spending as much time outdoors as possible. I am determined to squeeze every last drop of summer out of this season, gosh darn it!


One of our latest discoveries is that Clara loves to swim (in lakes). Well, good thing we have those around here! We also have plenty of other water activities to keep her occupied.

+ On Thursday we went to Lake Sammamish.

+ On Friday we went to Northacres splash pad / playground.

+ On Saturday morning we went to Green Lake to swim in the lake and to some friends’ house to eat salmon patties while the kids splashed around in their kiddie pool.

+ On Sunday it got 15 degrees cooler, so we stayed dry but went to a park with some other families for a picnic.


There is something really special about spending a summer with a toddler. If I didn’t have kids, I would be spending every wonderful (weather) day indoors at a cubicle. But, since I have an active toddler (and have decided to be a SAHM) I spend my days at playgrounds and in lakes and at the outdoor tables at coffee shops and in friends’ backyards.

Sure, I sacrifice my sanity (every single second) for this lifestyle, and some most days I would gladly sit in a cubicle for a few minutes rather than spend one more minute cleaning up yogurt off the walls of my house. But overall, I realize what a blessing this life is right now and I am so thankful for these months spent with outdoor play, hikes, swims, leisurely strolls, and playground visits.

This has been a good summer, and if what people say is correct, we have another full month of it left here in the PNW!

I hope your week(end) was wonderful, as well!

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13 Responses to All outside. All of the time.

  1. Something about having a baby makes me want to get outside way more..I can only imagine how that will increase as he gets older!

    • Lisa says:

      Oh yes, one of the reasons we left Chicago was because I had way too much cabin fever, and here we can be outside every day! It’s seriously so necessary for me to take walks with the girls – otherwise I go nuts.

  2. I definitely need to visit the PNW soon. You guys have the best scenery and weather! It’s so great that you recognize how lucky you are to spend your days in the sunshine with your kids!! Even if you are sacrificing a little (or a lot…) of sanity. Haha!

  3. All of your outdoors-ing makes me SO excited to be in Seattle at the end of this week. Mountains! Water! PNW goodness in general! I haven’t been in Seattle during the summer for nearly 10 years (instead I choose fun times to visit like late October and December haha. Though I did go in May a few years ago, and that was really pretty.), and I’m so excited to see it in all its summer glory again 🙂

  4. Mar says:

    We have a public outdoor pool just around the corner from our place and I can’t wait to take advantage of it next summer when the babe is a bit older. She is absolutely LOVING her (indoor) swimming lessons!

    • Lisa says:

      That is so lucky! I just signed Clara up for indoor swimming lessons for the fall and am really excited yet really nervous about it. (Nervous that it will be a huge hassle to get her to cooperate!)

  5. erinhzauner says:

    one of the best parts of being home a couple days a week with Amelia is getting outside 1,000 times more than I would if I didn’t have a kid. I’m TAN this summer! I can get on board with this!

  6. Kaitlyn says:

    I’m so glad you guys have been able to get outside so much! I know that was one of your big hopes with moving to Seattle — no more being cooped up inside because of extreme cold or extreme heat. I’m so glad that’s exactly how it’s worked out!!

    • Lisa says:

      YES I’m so glad too! We definitely haven’t regretted moving here at all. It’s been so good. I need to text you soon, it looks like you’ve been on a fun trip that I want to hear about!

  7. this sounds like so much fun! let’s hang out outside together some time!

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