Quick thoughts (especially useful for those of us with limited attention spans!)

Life has been a complete blur since coming back from vacation, so all my brain can handle right now is a bullet pointed brain dump.

Stay tuned for that vacation recap I promised you. I will probably get around to writing it tomorrow. And it will be riveting – or at least mildly interesting.

Until then… bullet points.

+ I bought this face mask because everyone seems to love it. I like it but I’m not sure it was miraculous after one use. My face seemed soft but dry afterwards. But will I continue using it? Yes.

Beautycounter Charcoal Face Mask+ We’re finally going to work on a sleep routine for Isabelle. This means that she’s going to sleep in her own bed from now on – woohooo! Our current sleep setup is her sleeping in a bassinette which is perched halfway on top of our bed, and I cannot get in or out of our bed, nor turn a light on, without bothering her. This is about to end, though! She needs her own space and so do I.

+ Tim and I thought we were going to buy a house, but now we’re not. Instead, we’re going to continue renting. We signed a new lease and are moving in 2 weeks – yikes! It was a very sudden and quick decision and I already can’t wait to be in our new space, although I’ll be sad to leave the house we’re currently in.

+ I’m still reading this book. It’s been taking me quite a while because we’ve been so busy lately!

+ Tim’s paternity leave is already amazing. And it’s going by way too quickly.

+ I ordered/received my first Trunk Club box the other day and I really, really loved the service. Although, I did find it to be more expensive than Stitch Fix. I’ll be doing a full comparison in coming weeks. Probably. Unless I forget.

+ I watched the Presidential debate (of course I did) and am still in disbelief that Trump is even a candidate. He is unprepared and unqualified (at best) and is a complete racist who hates women (at worst).

Green Lake Park+ I’m loving the weather here more than ever, still. September is the best kept secret of the PNW.

I’m off to drink some coffee and (hopefully) do all of the things!

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What’s on your mind?!

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5 Responses to Quick thoughts (especially useful for those of us with limited attention spans!)

  1. I agree on all accounts with your debate opinion. UGH. I’ve never heard of Trunk Club. I look forward to your review!

  2. I just cannot wrap my mind around how Trump can blatantly lie, over and over and over again–and not even kind of lie, or stretch the truth, or leave out critical information, but straight up lie, lie like me saying I’m actually a golden retriever and not a human–and get away with it, both getting away with it in the sense that there seem to be absolutely ZERO consequences for intentionally and willfully misleading people (shouldn’t something like that be illegal?! ISN’T stuff like that illegal?! Apple can’t say that buying an iPhone will guarantee that you’ll never get cancer, because that’s blatant, outright false advertising. How on EARTH is that illegal, when Trump’s equally blatant, outright false statements aren’t? And for that matter, how is him portraying himself as a viable leader of this country not false advertising? That seems like a bigger lie than if Apple were to tell me my phone would make me cancer-proof.), and getting away with it in the sense that people, lots and lots of people, believe him! Is the plight of the disenfranchised working class white male really so terrible that they will truly believe anything they want to hear, anything that makes false promises about returning to a time that will never, ever come back? I can’t fathom that kind of desperation–desperation that makes logic and truth irrelevant and blinds you to reality. It all just boggles my mind.

  3. Katie says:

    missed reading your blog while I was taking a blogging break but so good to be back! 🙂 we’re working on a new sleep schedule for Josie as well. She’s still in our bed/her bassinet beside me and she’s getting so long, she just kicks the baby bump all night and it’s getting not so fun. haha. I didn’t realize how hard it was for me to let go though!

  4. Kristin says:

    We’ve moved 4 times in 7 years and it’s STRESSFUL but it’s EXCITING. Good luck!

  5. The debate. I can’t. Yay for a new house! Good luck with the new sleep schedule!

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