Quick thoughts (especially useful for those of us with limited attention spans!)

Life has been a complete blur since coming back from vacation, so all my brain can handle right now is a bullet pointed brain dump.

Stay tuned for that vacation recap I promised you. I will probably get around to writing it tomorrow. And it will be riveting – or at least mildly interesting.

Until then… bullet points.

+ I bought this face mask because everyone seems to love it. I like it but I’m not sure it was miraculous after one use. My face seemed soft but dry afterwards. But will I continue using it? Yes.

Beautycounter Charcoal Face Mask+ We’re finally going to work on a sleep routine for Isabelle. This means that she’s going to sleep in her own bed from now on – woohooo! Our current sleep setup is her sleeping in a bassinette which is perched halfway on top of our bed, and I cannot get in or out of our bed, nor turn a light on, without bothering her. This is about to end, though! She needs her own space and so do I.

+ Tim and I thought we were going to buy a house, but now we’re not. Instead, we’re going to continue renting. We signed a new lease and are moving in 2 weeks – yikes! It was a very sudden and quick decision and I already can’t wait to be in our new space, although I’ll be sad to leave the house we’re currently in.

+ I’m still reading this book. It’s been taking me quite a while because we’ve been so busy lately!

+ Tim’s paternity leave is already amazing. And it’s going by way too quickly.

+ I ordered/received my first Trunk Club box the other day and I really, really loved the service. Although, I did find it to be more expensive than Stitch Fix. I’ll be doing a full comparison in coming weeks. Probably. Unless I forget.

+ I watched the Presidential debate (of course I did) and am still in disbelief that Trump is even a candidate. He is unprepared and unqualified (at best) and is a complete racist who hates women (at worst).

Green Lake Park+ I’m loving the weather here more than ever, still. September is the best kept secret of the PNW.

I’m off to drink some coffee and (hopefully) do all of the things!

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What’s on your mind?!

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