Both of the girls are sleeping at the same time! So here’s a blog post!

You know I’m a sucker for the list o’ bullet points. Especially on Thursdays when I can link up with Gretch & Kristen.

Currently in October+ With the cooler weather comes the rain in the PNW, and I have upped my rain gear game since last year! This year the girls will be ready to be outdoors every single day, rain or shine with these oh-so-fashionable rainsuits.

+ I am happy that it’s getting darker a bit earlier, because it forces us to be inside (and cooking) earlier, which also means earlier bedtimes for the girls – and for us! Everyone wins.

+ These jeans are my new favorite ever. EVER. They’re just as comfortable as my yoga pants, they fit perfectly, and they’re on sale at Nordstrom right now!

+ I just started reading this book and am a fan so far. (Thanks for the recommendation, Kait!)

+ This week was the first week of the MOPS group that I’m a member of, and since I’m on the steering committee of our group, it was pretty hectic leading up to the first meeting. I am glad it’s over with (and went well!) and I’m expecting my wine consumption to decrease.

+ And I’m also excited to meet the ladies I’ve been placed at a table with at MOPS! It’s going to be a great year with (hopefully) some new friendships.

+ This yogurt is everything. EVERYTHING. I wish I could eat it 18 times a day and not gain a pound. I also wish it was free.

+ We move to our new houseĀ in a week from yesterday. So… in six days. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad or whether I should be stressed or not worried at all. I might be in denial.

+ This is my favorite nail color and I keep picking it out every time I go in for a manicure (so like, three times a year). I probably should buy a bottle of my very own.

+ I’m going to make this recipe once per week all fall and winter. It is so easy (yay crockpot!) and there’s no chopping required!

+ Last night Tim and I went out for our second date night (at RockCreek – AMAZING seafood in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle) since the birth of Isabelle (5 months ago!) and it was the first time we left both girls with our usual babysitter. She said it went really well and I am so glad because I was nervous leaving her with both kids. I wasn’t worried about the girls, I was worried about her! I didn’t want her to be overwhelmed and never come back. Luckily, I think she will continue to babysit for us so date nights will one again be a thing. An every-other-week thing, hopefully.

+ Speaking of which, I use UrbanSitter to find babysitters from time to time (and always recommend this service to friends) and they’re offering a $50 coupon for new customers. Get on it!

I just heardĀ  a cry from upstairs… I think they can tell when I’m just starting to get into my relaxation groove. Off I go.


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