Pumpkin patching (again)

A person can never go to too many pumpkin patches, that’s my October motto.

pumpkin patch

Pumpkin patches are simply a gold mine for toddlers. An absolute gold mine.

We’ve been to three so far this year, and all three have had goats – what more could a toddler want?!

And if they have coffee? A bonus for mom and dad. Doughnuts? Now we’re really talking…

pumpkin patch

And sometimes we even grab a pumpkin or two.

pumpkin patch

At the end of last week Tim and I loaded the girls into the car for a mini-adventure to Deception Pass State Park. The park is about a 90 minute drive from Seattle, so of course we stopped after an hour to eat and then after another few minutes in the car we stumbled across a pumpkin patch and just had to stop to let Clara run around for a bit. (Aren’t unexpected stops the best parts of road trips?!) And let me tell you, the stop was more than worth it because after she ran and climbed her little heart out she got in the car and fell right asleep.

pumpkin patch The unfortunate part was that we only had 20 more minutes to our final destination, so the mini-nap wasn’t exactly ideal, but oh well, we take what we can get in the sleep department these days.

pumpkin patch

pumpkin patch

Clara’s outfit is from Old Navy and her shirt (in all different patterns – here) is currently less than $10.

The point is, I always knew pumpkin farms were wonderful but I never realized just how wonderful they are until I started seeing them through the eyes of a toddler. Or at least a toddler’s mom.

pumpkin patch

I’m certainly going to be disappointed when this free and easy entertainment disappears next month!

What’s your favorite thing to do at a pumpkin patch?

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12 Responses to Pumpkin patching (again)

  1. erinhzauner says:

    We totally failed at taking A to anything fall related this year (because pregnant and overdue and baby, etc.) But she did go to a pumpkin patch with grandma and it had goats and a corn seed play pit and a tiny rocking horse machine and she was so jacked up about it all when she came home that we will definitely have to make it to one next year. I love them too, it’s just the crowds man…they ruin it for me!

    • Lisa says:

      Awww I’m sad you didn’t go with her but being that pregnant is MISERABLE so I totally understand. It will be double the fun next year! Thankfully we went on a rainy day so there were no crowds!

  2. Is it weird that I’m jealous of her outfit? Probably. Whatever.

  3. I love Clara’s shirt! So cute! Pumpkin patches are the best, but I never made it to one this year 🙁 I love the fall vibe that you get through walking through them, though!

    • Lisa says:

      I’m sad you didn’t get to go! I guess you’ll have to make up for it by going to a Christmas tree farm! (You can’t possibly skip both!)

  4. I mean, to be fair, visiting a pumpkin patch with goats and doughnuts is really all I want out of fall, too… Haha 😛

  5. Nicole Reed says:

    Pumpkin patches and apple orchards are the best things every for children – massive bonus if there is a corn maze! Also, does Clara’s shirt come in my size, because that is adorable.

    • Lisa says:

      Old Navy might just have one in your size! You never know! And I agree, they’re SO fun for kids! Free (or practically free) entertainment is the best kind!

  6. Pumpkin patches are SO fun! Our experience was cut short this year because Bensen fell and scraped his chin on a pumpkin stem (he’s got his first real scar from that) but I’m excited to go next year.

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