8 mom-friendly pieces on sale at Nordstrom.

Yesterday I spent far too much time on social media, reading angry and hurt messages, and then eating my feelings. But luckily, I have two babies who don’t care about elections, and I had to get off the couch and actually take care of them. Thank goodness for distractions.

But I did practice some self-care. I woke up and walked to a coffee shop by myself (to get a chai latte, of course). I drank some wine with dinner. I wrote in my journal. I talked on the phone.

I also browsed the Nordstrom sale, because life goes on, and even with Trump in the White House, I’ll still be wearing clothes and I may as well look cute – right?

In case you could use some shopping therapy…

8 Fall Staples On Sale at Nordstrom

Here are some mom-friendly items I found for fall/winter:

Booties that are less than $100 (here and here). I’m convinced that a person (me, specifically) can never own too many booties.

And these booties that are a little over $100 but might just be worth it.

My favorite jeans are on sale! Do I need an extra pair? No. But you might!

I’m not sure if this blouse is breastfeeding friendly, because I don’t know what ‘faux wrap’ means, but if it’s breastfeeding friendly, I extra-like it!

This tunic, because I’ve always wanted a tunic and can’t seem to find one that doesn’t just hang off of me. This one comes in petite sizing, so there’s hope it might fit!

I’ve been into one piece swimsuits lately (I guess having two kids will do that to a person), and I think this one is really cute. Is it needed for fall? No…. but I might still grab it for next summer!

It’s a well-documented fact that I can’t say no to anything with stripes. Like this sweater.

A raincoat. Because in the PNW this is a staple item for the fall/winter and I didn’t buy one last year because I was pregnant. This year I’m buying multiple raincoats.

… I’m sure there are many more items but Isabelle just woke up and so I’m back on mom-duty. I will say, though, that just doing some online shopping browsing made me feel a
bit better.

Let’s spend this week doing some fun and light-hearted things and laughing with our friends and family and remembering that we make America great every single day through our kind and tolerant actions. Shall we?

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