Holiday confessions.

I haven’t done a good old-fashioned update in a while, so let’s get back on track with some holiday ‘confessions’.

Holiday Confessions

// I recently ordered my Christmas cards, which means they’ll get sent out by Christmas… hopefully. One year I sent them so late I had to call them New Years cards, but they arrived after New Years. Whoops. Actually, that’s pretty typical of me. One of my best friends had a birthday in October and I still have her card sitting on my desk.

// I don’t do Elf On The Shelf and I never will.

// I am also never going to tell Clara & Isabelle that Santa is always watching them, because I think that’s creepy. Isn’t the fact that God is watching them enough?!

// I prefer white lights to the multi-colored lights.

// I don’t have any ornaments on my tree and I don’t think I’ll be adding any this year.

// I’m SO glad we bought our tree right after Thanksgiving this year. A few years ago (the only other time Tim and I got our own tree) we waited until December 23rd to get one and the whole ordeal was really depressing. I will probably never get over it.

// I’m done Christmas shopping for the girls, except I actually don’t think I bought Isabelle anything. Does she need Christmas gifts this year?! Actually, we didn’t buy Clara anything for her first or second Christmas and she doesn’t seem too bothered… Please don’t judge me too harshly. 

// I keep seeing pictures of snow on my Facebook feed because the Midwest just got its first snowfall and everyone is (evidently) very excited! I was tempted to be jealous, but then I remembered how cold winter is in Chicago and I quickly embraced the 48 degree, snowless day we’re having here in Seattle. I guess if I want snow, I’ll drive the 45 minutes to the mountains to get my fix. (We actually did that a few days ago and it was really fun!)

// I bought a lot of things on around Black Friday (online) but most of it was clothes for me and Tim and not a whole lot of presents were purchased. But I mean, that J.Crew sale was amazing so of course I had to take advantage! However, these Black Friday deals now last about 2 weeks. I don’t even think I bought anything on the actual day! Not that I’m complaining, but it just seems to me that the deals are almost the same at any time of year and Black Friday isn’t all that special. Wah wah.

// I never got into the Christmas spirit before I had kids because I was turned off by the commercialism, but now I truly see the holiday differently. Yes, I still buy my loved ones presents, but what I REALLY love is showing Clara all of the Christmas trees, lights, reindeer, decorations, introducing her to new characters like Rudolph and Santa and Frosty, and listening to Christmas carols together as a family. We read Polar Express and other holiday books and we have an Advent calendar… it’s so fun! I just need to get my hands on a children’s story about the birth of Jesus so we can read about what Christmas is actually about. But until then, Frosty will do.

// My new favorite Starbucks drink is the Holiday Spiced Flat White. OH-MY-YUM. It is so good.

// I fully plan on starting a diet and budget in January. Along with the rest of the universe.

That’s all I have for right now!

This is my first full week with Tim back at work. Wish me luck.

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15 Responses to Holiday confessions.

  1. I am definitely more into white lights too! I don’t intend to ever use/buy multicolored lights. Also I don’t have kids, but I really don’t blame you for not getting them Christmas presents when they won’t remember! I know someone who had their kid’s FIRST birthday party…and they invited like fifty people. And made it this huge thing. I was like…they will never remember this. Why?

    • Lisa says:

      Another confession… I think we had 75 people at Clara’s first birthday party. Don’t judge me too harshly! It was a super casual backyard party that I did approx 30 minutes of prepping for and I don’t even know how it happened but it was so much fun! For me! I think you need to change your mindset from ‘child’s first birthday party’ to ‘parents celebration of survival for a year’, because those parties are all about the parents.

  2. Your diet and budget comment – LOL. I love that you aren’t getting the girls a ton of gifts when they aren’t old enough to recognize that it’s a gift or a special day. And I just want to say… it was snowing when I got to work today so you’ll get a bit of white this year! Probably won’t actually stick in Seattle proper though 🙂

  3. Whoa whoa whoa… no ornaments? What do you put on your tree??

    We do white lights in our house, too. And when there are kids someday we will NOT be doing the Elf on a Shelf. Hopefully. Ha.

  4. Flat white is my drink of choice whenever I’m not being cheap and just ordering a Pike. But I’ve NEVER tried the holiday spice! Will do ASAPPPP 🙂

  5. erinhzauner says:

    Death to elf on a shelf. He is banned here too, who has the time?? Also, William isn’t getting any presents from us either. He told me it was okay, you’re definitely not a bad mom for not getting Isabelle any. Or maybe we’re both bad moms?

    • Lisa says:

      We’re both AMAZING MOMS, obvi. Clara already has so many gifts from grandparents (sent already!) that I’m debating how to spread them out so she doesn’t get too many at once and forget about them all immediately. Sigh.

  6. Cassie Lee says:

    Ohhhhh elf on the shelf. HE IS CREEEEEPAYYYY. But really, I always wondered why young kids need gifts?! They already have so many things! haha

    • Lisa says:

      SERIOUSLY! But Clara does get excited about opening presents so there is that! I bought her one book so far and we have one gift from last year that we never gave her so I think I’ll call it done!

  7. popcorn sami says:

    Okay-the holiday flat white is AMAZING! the best drink of the year! also, I am not getting any young kids gifts in our family, and my mom was shocked! my explanation is that the parents are WAY more deserving for being amazing parents! who cares if you don’t get any presents for a baby, the holidays are way more about family and the magic!

  8. Jay T says:

    I love posts like these! I have never done Christmas cards but every year I say I want to. I love getting cards from my friends and family; we keep all of them on our fridge which has gotten pretty crowded but I never throw them away!

    Yes, telling them that Santa is always watching them is pretty creepy. I don’t remember ever thinking Santa was watching me as a kid. I don’t remember believing he was real, either, but we still left cookies and milk out for him.

    I love white lights too. And I think the amount of ornaments I put on our tree makes up for your lack of ornaments. It’s like Christmas balls threw up on my tree AND I LOVE IT.

    Speaking of tree, we didn’t get ours until Friday the 9th, and I’m still sad we had to wait so long. From now on I’m getting a tree the weekend of Thanksgiving!

    I have to stop now. The end.

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