Feel free to come over and make me soup.

Over the weekend Clara blew her nose directly into my hand, so at that instant I knew it was only a matter of time before I got sick. And sick I am. Although, thankfully, I tend to only get 48 hour colds, so I’m fighting through the end of it and I have full confidence I’ll be back to full-speed tomorrow.

Hopefully. (But famous last words, right?)

Because there is nothing worse than being sick and stuck at home with an energetic toddler and a clingy baby and dishes piling up on my counter.

In other news, I wrote my last currently post about a month ago, so I’m back at it again.

Snowshoeing in March

The definition of insanity is me thinking it’s a good idea to go snowshoeing with my children. Again. More on this in a later post when I’ve recovered from the trauma.

At this moment I’m…

// Working on: Getting rid of all of the clothes and jewelry I don’t wear anymore. It’s more of a task than it should be as I decide what to sell and what to gift and what to donate. I’m probably overthinking all of this.
// Eating: Those darn Girl Scout Cookies that keep finding their way into my house.
// Drinking: Champagne. And lattes. I make one every morning and now Clara makes her own little (imaginary, obviously) lattes, too.
// Reading: I just finished “Today Will Be Different” but I prefer “Where’d You Go Bernadette” (same author).
// Wanting: My old butt back. But alas, I haven’t been in the gym enough to make that happen, so instead I finally bought a new pair of jeans in a size that will be much more flattering. Because it turns out that wearing too-big jeans with a belt just isn’t a flattering look. (I bought my new favorite jeans from ThredUp for about $30 and am in love. Use this link for $10 off your purchase!)
// Listening to: The Modern Love podcast. I love it.
// Planning: I don’t think I’m even planning anything right now! How is that possible?! Tim’s brother and his girlfriend were just in town so I planned that weekend, and now I’m relaxing my brain before thinking about the next adventure.
// Loving: How social I’ve been lately! So many playdates and a few nights out and seeing friends and family in town… I’ve loved it! I feel most like myself when I’m with loved ones. (There’s not an introverted bone in my body.)
// Feeling: A little bit sick and drained and tired of being tired. Do you know the feeling? I don’t like the unenergetic and unmotivated version of myself!
// Watching: A dang pregnant giraffe. C’mon April, you need to have this baby already.
// Looking forward to: March Madness! It’s one of my very favorite times of the year. Bring on round one!

What are you up to?!

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6 Responses to Feel free to come over and make me soup.

  1. SHE IS FAKING HER PREGNANCY I’M SURE OF IT UGH. Also hope you feel better so soon!!

  2. How. How is the giraffe still pregnant? Poor lady.
    Your tales of motherhood are so hilariously honest. I hope you feel better soon!
    I can’t wait to hear about snowshoeing part 2… ha!

  3. I feel like all of my comments revolve around Seattle, but alas… here’s another one. Did you read Where’d you go Bernadette since moving here? It’s so interesting to read knowing the area because I can actually picture where she’s talking about. Great book, one of my favorites!

  4. Boo to being sick. I had a nasty head cold over the weekend, but it was gone by Monday. Whew!

  5. I’m sorry your sick! After avoiding it since sickness first hit our house in January, I woke up with a head cold today 🙁

  6. Heather says:

    Omg come onnnn April! I didn’t mind Where’d You Go Bernadette but I haven’t been too keen on reading her newer one. Hope you feel better soon!

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