I’m finally able to sit down and write a blog post! Phew.

+ I’m thankful for sunshine yesterday. It’s been dreary here the past few days and everyone is talking about how it’s affecting their moods. Friday had blue skies and views of the mountains – so life is good once again. Although supposedly we’re going to see rain for the next ever soooo, yeah. PNW in the spring, I guess!

a naptime update

+ Speaking of thankful, I’m able to write this blog post because Clara and Isabelle BOTH went to bed before 9:30pm tonight! For those of you who don’t know or forgot, let me just recap that Clara has been completely resisting bedtime until about 11pm each and every night, and it has been making us crazy people. But lately, very lately she’s been going to bed earlier and earlier, as she used to a few months ago. Is my daughter “cured” from this complete sleep aversion?! Gosh do I hope so. I feel like I’ll get my whole life back if she goes to bed by 8:30pm every night!

+ Tim’s brother & his girlfriend are in town from Chicago and the girls are just loving the extra attention and I’m loving having 3 extra sets of hands! (Since Tim is taking off work while they’re here.) I can’t decide whether I want to get shit stuff done or relax. This is probably dependent on how much caffeine I drink on any given day.

+ I was so underwhelmed with this last episode of The Bachelor. I mean, of course Rachel was going to go home. She’s the next Bachelorette. Duh. And Vanessa wins the whole thing, I’m sure. Let’s move onto Bachelor In Paradise. (Also, I’m thrilled that Rachel gets to be the Bachelorette, but isn’t she too normal? I feel like the most likable people are also the most boring on TV.)

+ This week I had drinks with a girlfriend, got together for playdates, went to a marriage conference with Tim, volunteered (by doing taxes), went to MOPS, and watched The Bachelor with our old roommate. And of course, because my social life was great, the rest of my life kind of fell apart and I didn’t get anything done around the house or online. Maybe next week I’ll be a different kind of productive – or maybe not – this past week was pretty fun.

… a scattered list from an even more scattered mind. Phew. Now I’m off to bed. Before midnight! I hope your weekend is off to a great start.

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7 Responses to I’m finally able to sit down and write a blog post! Phew.

  1. I swear I do more with my life besides watching The Bachelor, despite what my commenting habits on your blog suggest. Hahaha. I just appreciate that you give me a place to gossip about the show. But YES, last week’s episode was an even bigger waste of time than the vast majority of that New Orleans episode a few weeks ago. Totally pointless. They may as well have just done a Women Tell All and skipped the “real” episode for how much they phoned it on on that one. Come on, ABC! I expect more out of you! Haha. I’ve vented enough about the idiocy of telling us Rachel was the Bachelorette before she even went home, so I’ll spare you that rant this time around. But I’m really interested to see how her season plays out. I agree that she’s really normal (only in Bachelor World does that count as a bad thing hahaha), but maybe they’ll make up for it with the contestants? I mean, that’s usually who brings the crazy anyway. Ben was a normal human being and I really enjoyed his season of the Bachelor. But I do hope the crop of guys they get for Rachel is better than all the guys they had for Jojo. That was a super lame season of the Bachelorette, in my opinion. I mean, if the producers thought NICK was a better Bachelor candidate than ANY of the guys on Jojo’s season, I think I have a valid point 😛

    • Lisa says:

      So true on your point about Jojo’s men. I mean, were we going to like Robby as The Bachelor? No. But did you see the 4 men they introduced to Rachel in the After The Rose show?! NO NO NO. Thoughts?

  2. Dang girl. Your life is WAY more social than mine! A marriage conference? That sounds interesting!
    I love rainy, dreary weather. A PNW spring sounds nice. Ohio spring includes mornings with 3 in. of snow, afternoons in the 60s, and evenings of 40 degree storms. UGH.

    • Lisa says:

      Ohio doesn’t have spring – the Midwest only has winter and summer! It’s truly special to have a spring here with flowers blooming and the whole thing! Did you get tons of snow lately?! I keep seeing snowy pics from Chicago!

  3. The most boring season EVER. Bring on Bachelor in Paradise!

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