Easter weekend (2017 edition)

Back to reality, it is. This weekend was so much fun that I’m definitely on the struggle bus this morning. But it does help that I’ve dropped Clara off at preschool, so now I’m just praying that Isabelle stays asleep long enough for me to finish typing this blog post.

I have my latte in hand and the kitchen is already clean and my to-do list is written… so I consider today a win, already.

PNW Easter Weekend Recap 2017

But let’s back up and talk about the weekend, because it was a fun one.

This was the first Easter that we took Clara on an egg hunt. Last year I was too pregnant to deal with the whole thing, and we’ll just chalk that up to a parenting fail. But this year, we went to two egg hunts so I think we more than made up for it.

PNW Easter Weekend Recap 2017

The first egg hunt was at a private park overlooking the Puget Sound, and I think it’s safe to say that all other egg hunts will forever pale in comparison in the scenery department. Also, this was put on by a very wealthy community, so there were tons of eggs and gifts everywhere (not to mention coffee and doughnuts). The kids picked up bubbles and sidewalk chalk and candy and pouches (for the babies) and juice and all things wonderful for the three-and-under crowd. I loved that Clara could take her time picking up eggs without needing to worry about being speedy. (This girl does nothing in a hurry.)

PNW Easter Weekend Recap 2017

She told me she was going to find four eggs, which she did within 30 seconds and then considered herself done. I think she would have tried harder if she had realized the eggs had chocolate inside of them! I managed to coerce her into finding a few more eggs for Isabelle before everything was said and done, though.


We spent the rest of the morning playing at the playground and enjoying the sun and beautiful weather and conversations with friends. It was fantastic.

PNW Easter Weekend Recap 2017

On Saturday night I (finally) did our taxes, which is an improvement since usually I wait until the very last day! That’s all that needs to be said about that. Adulting win.

Then on Sunday we went to church and met up with our church group friends to see all of the adorable kiddo outfits (the adults didn’t look bad either) and we made our way over to brunch where I had the largest mimosa I’ve ever had. Served in a mason jar. As in the jar was filled to the brim with mimosa goodness.

PNW Easter Weekend Recap 2017

Then we had a(nother) egg hunt for the kids, but since 4/5 of the kids were under 1 year old, only Clara actually participated. Although, Isabelle loved crawling towards the eggs and then picking them up and banging them together, so I guess we can count it as a successful hunt for her, too!

PNW Easter Weekend Recap 2017

PNW Easter Weekend Recap 2017

Clara also played with a handheld bubble machine fan (which Isabelle thought was hilarious), but that ended with Clara attempting to give herself a haircut with it (why?!) and then of course her hair got so caught in the fan that we needed to give her a (minor) actual haircut. Sigh.

So it was basically the perfect Easter weekend with a great church service, a lot of sunshine, and time spent outdoors with loved ones. The kids were happy and we were happy and I just couldn’t ask for anything more!

Wait, scratch that, I would like to ask for a night of uninterrupted sleep. And I actually do keep asking the kids for this but they, apparently, have other plans.

PNW Easter Weekend Recap 2017

I hope you had a blessed Easter weekend!

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16 Responses to Easter weekend (2017 edition)

  1. Laura says:

    Well, you have set the bar quite high for all future Easter egg hunts! Looks gorgeous there! I’m glad you had a wonderful holiday!

  2. Erin says:

    I love all your Easter photos!! Looks like perfect weather for two egg hunts 🙂 I love that she only wanted to get 4 eggs hehe, so sweet and innocent when they don’t realize it’s chocolate they’re hunting for!

    • Lisa says:

      We definitely had the best weather for Easter, thank goodness because it’s been all downhill since then… Now that Clara knows there are chocolates in those eggs next year she’ll be tackling the other kids and elbowing them out of the way for more eggs – haha!

  3. Your pictures are adorable! I’m glad the girls had a good time and you all were surrounded by great company! It looks like you had a beautiful weekend!

  4. That Easter egg hunt looks awesome. Was it in Blue Ridge neighborhood?

  5. erinhzauner says:

    you got waaaaaay better photos than me this year. I got exactly one photo of Amelia by herself, none of wililam, and some reaaaaaal crappy ones of the family (thanks bro-on-law for the weird camera angle!). but we had fun so that’s what counts, right? clara and isabelle both looked so sweet I can hardly stand it.

    • Lisa says:

      That reminds me of Halloween this year… I have no pics of Clara and definitely none of the girls together in their COORDINATING OUTFITS/COSTUMES. Not that I’m still bitter or anything.

  6. That’s a fabulous backdrop for an egg hunt! Great photos, you can really see the kids’ joy on their faces.

  7. Heather says:

    These are some wonderful pictures of your little family!! That story about Clara with the bubble fan also made me laugh although I’m sure it’s not quite funny for you yet!! hehe

    • Lisa says:

      Well it was pretty funny because I only had to cut a little bit of hair… if I had to shave her head it would have been a whole different story!

  8. First time I’m over at your site, and I’m so happy you found me so that I could find you. 🙂 We have two little girls as well, so it’ll be fun to read your material! Looks like you all had a beautiful Easter weekend. I cracked up at your story about being so pregnant last Easter. I was too! I think I was 37 or 38 weeks pregnant, and I nearly had a meltdown taking our 2.5 year old to a huge Easter egg hunt. It was a disaster, and I was too pregnant to handle it. Haha!!

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