Three things I’m doing to be more productive this week

Last week was a lost cause because of the previously-written-about stomach bug that attacked me and Isabelle… so this week I was bound and determined to get sh*t stuff done.

Since Clara is off of preschool (darn you, spring break!) this week, I have even less time than usual to get my ducks in a row. However, it is happening. My laundry pile is overflowing, we don’t have a meal plan, I haven’t worked out in ages, the house is generally a mess… I mean, you get the picture. I have no choice but to maximize my productivity.

Three Ways To Be More Productive

Here are three steps I’m taking to maximize all of my time this week:

Minimize distractions.

I took the Facebook app off my phone and I don’t regret it. Yes I miss out on some things that I normally might have been interested in (I love our neighborhood’s ‘Buy Nothing’ group and the ‘PMT Challenge’ group for the spring style challenge is amazing!) but I needed those hours of aimless scrolling back. I truly feel like this one action has added time back to my days. Another option would have been to disable the notifications, but I know myself and that just wouldn’t have done the trick.

Don’t feel guilty telling (or expecting) kids to play by themselves.

As a SAHM I sometimes feel guilty when I’m ‘ignoring’ my kids. But here’s the thing: I don’t believe that (my) kids should need my constant attention. Yes, I need to make sure they’re safe, but they are more than capable of ‘reading’ by themselves and making up games and playing with blocks… they don’t shouldn’t need me to tell them how to keep busy and they definitely shouldn’t depend on me as a constant playmate. I might feel differently about this if I had less time to spend with them during the day (like if I was a work-outside-the-home parent), but as it is, I am constantly around and it’s okay if I take 30 minutes to myself every morning to get some things done.

Use a planner.

(This isn’t the one I use, but it’s pretty!) I’ll say it again and again, writing things down helps to keep me accountable. At the beginning of each week I write down high priority items that I need to get accomplished each day, and I make sure there are only 1-2 items every day that I really want to get done. I then write down lower priority items that I also want to do. This helps to keep me organized and motivated during naptimes. But, I must admit, it’s a rare day and an even rarer week when everything gets done!

Wish me luck getting all of the things done! Or at least some of the things. Maybe just one thing.

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8 Responses to Three things I’m doing to be more productive this week

  1. Heather says:

    Not sure if you know this but you can download a Facebook groups app! I find I spend way too much time scrolling my actual feed, but the groups app is great if you want to keep up with challenges or your neighbourhood etc. 🙂
    I love that second point. It’s absolutely true and such an important skill for kids to learn. Since I am a full-time working mom I obviously prioritize my time during weekdays with them as special quality time (usually 2ish hours a day) but on weekends I am happy to let them play by themselves why we are nearby in the kitchen or laundry room etc.
    good luck!!!

  2. Good luck! I live and die by my planner so hopefully that helps you out a bit!

  3. Letting the kids play on their own is awesome! I’ve been trying to finish a project and I’ve structured my day into hourly segments to help me out. I’ll spend time eating breakfast with Bensen and getting him and Emmy ready for the day and then I let him have independent play time during the first hour of her morning nap, while I get something done. That next hour of her morning nap, we play together. I never feel guilty because when I think about it at the end of the day, he gets at least 3 or 4 hours of my undivided attention each and every day.

    • Lisa says:

      Oh gosh I’m sure my girls don’t get very much of my undivided attention… I always seem to be multi-tasking which is something I know I need to stop doing! Even though sometimes the multi-tasking is socializing with friends on playdates while they play with friends or something like that. I’m just not good at playing with them at home, although we do read a lot so I guess that counts!

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