Forget my last post, this is what I’m actually doing right now.

You know what, as soon as I wrote that ‘currently’ post last week, I realized that it’s only the non-mom version of my life. I had one of those days on Thursdays. Other moms know what I mean. It was one of THOSE DAYS. So let me try to explain what I’m actually currently doing on any given day.

What I'm Currently Doing: Mom Edition

If I drank a few martinis and used my left hand to paint, this is how my nails would look.

This post is now modified for my day on Thursday, it was a doozy.

// Working on: Getting nail polish out of a rug. And also a couch. And also hardwood floors. And also off the table and chairs… Clara decided to paint her own nails while I was putting Isabelle down for her nap. I couldn’t even get mad at her because she tried so hard to keep it on her nails, but alas, it didn’t quite work out. She was so proud of herself, though. (In case you’re wondering, rubbing alcohol + hairspray + an old toothbrush for scrubbing.)

// Eating: Whatever my kids don’t eat. I call this the “accidental mom diet”.

// Drinking: Lattes. The nail polish incident happened  before I even made my latte and that, my friends, makes for a very bad day.

// Reading: Internet articles on how to clean my  house of aforementioned nail polish and I’m also using Google to search for “what is a spirit” so I can explain it to my inquisitive toddler, who asked me, “can I eat my spirit?” the other day. I can’t believe she’s already asking questions I can’t easily answer.

// Wanting: Isabelle to stop getting into everything, specifically the garbage and recycling containers. And her dirty diaper bin. And Clara’s room while she’s napping. Oh, I would also like Clara to stop biting Isabelle, that would be wonderful.

// Listening to: Whining with a bit of crying on the side. And incessant chatter.

// Planning: Adventures to get out of the house. Clearly when I stay in the house all hell heck breaks loose. Honestly, I usually get out of the house every minute both girls are awake to avoid needing to reorganize/clean my house during every naptime. If we get out of the house, when we come home the house is still clean!

// Loving: The sunshine that allows us to get to the playground more often!

// Feeling: Completely overwhelmed. Being a mom is a lot of work! Plus, the housework and organizing of life schedules — it never ends!

// Watching: The girls take out every single toy and throw it all over the house. I’m amazed at the chaos they can cause in such a short period of time. That’s it, I’m going to donate everything. Everything.

// Looking forward to: A mom’s night out (that I attended on Thursday! It was so fun.) and a women’s church retreat that I’m going on next weekend. It will be the first time I’ve spent the night away from Clara since she was 15 months old, and my first night ever away from Isabelle.

OK, I think that’s a more honest post than I came up with previously. I mean, my other post was true but it wouldn’t be considered the whole truth, if you know what I mean.

In a nut shell: I spend my days cleaning, cooking, cleaning, loading kids into cars, encouraging, laughing, looking up random things on Google, refilling water bottles, saying ‘no’, planning and going on adventures, connecting, and changing diapers and outfits.

I’m hoping for a less ‘exciting’ week this week!

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