Things I heard this week

How I know my husband isn’t actually listening to me:

Me: Tim, I think we’re going to move to Copenhagen.

Him: OK, give me one sec.

(Really, no questions?!)

How I know it’s going to be a long day with my toddler:

Me: Clara, can you please put your shoes on?

Clara: Mommy, I’m not going to listen to you right now.

How I know my mom friends are all sleep deprived:

Mom A: What day is it today?
Mom B: Wednesday.
Mom C: Tuesday.
Mom D: Saturday!

… Everyone gets confused and reaches a consensus that it’s Wednesday… until it’s proven to actually be Tuesday. Yikes.

Tulip_Festival_Skagit_ValleyI say it every week and I mean it every week: Thank goodness it’s Friday.

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