Things I heard this week

How I know my husband isn’t actually listening to me:

Me: Tim, I think we’re going to move to Copenhagen.

Him: OK, give me one sec.

(Really, no questions?!)

How I know it’s going to be a long day with my toddler:

Me: Clara, can you please put your shoes on?

Clara: Mommy, I’m not going to listen to you right now.

How I know my mom friends are all sleep deprived:

Mom A: What day is it today?
Mom B: Wednesday.
Mom C: Tuesday.
Mom D: Saturday!

… Everyone gets confused and reaches a consensus that it’s Wednesday… until it’s proven to actually be Tuesday. Yikes.

Tulip_Festival_Skagit_ValleyI say it every week and I mean it every week: Thank goodness it’s Friday.

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7 Responses to Things I heard this week

  1. The one about the moms is hilarious!
    At least Clara is letting you know upfront that she won’t be taking any instructions for the day. Haha.

  2. haha! That list one about the day of the week kills me! So hilarious and so true! Gorgeous tulip picture. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  3. This has been my week too!! Yesterday was one of those toddler days. I’d ask Bensen to do something or not do something and try to redirect and he’d just keep doing what he was doing like I was invisible. I’d ask him, “Bensen, are you listening to me?” and he’d reply calmly, “No.” ‘sigh’ …… it was a very long day that day 😛

  4. Happy Friday! Also, I am dying at that photo of Clara. What a model!

  5. Hehe this made me smile. Don’t move, stay here! (;

  6. Jess Elyse says:

    hahaha gotta love Clara’s honesty! Also, that picture is so pretty. The flowers are gorgeous!

  7. At least she’s honest 😉

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