Things Clara says (pt 3)

Our family has been sick since Friday… and counting. First Isabelle got a runny nose… and the rest is history. She took the rest of us down with her.

I never knew how miserable a cold could be until I had kids. Gone are the days of me binge watching TV and eating soup. Plus, now that I’m over 30, I think I recover more slowly than I used to, but maybe that’s because my immune system is on overload and I no longer sleep. Details. And feeling miserable while your kids are feeling miserable… it’s all the worst.

The point being, I had big dreams of having a nice relaxing, adventure-filled week, which didn’t end up happening.

We did have a fun Fourth of July, though! We went to a parade in Edmonds, WA and the girls (well, mainly Clara) loved it. Then we had a low key afternoon and Tim and I put the girls to bed and watched fireworks out of our kitchen window. I never thought I’d be happy about the neighbors shooting off fireworks, but I was so thankful that someone near us decided to get in the holiday spirit so I didn’t miss out on all of the fun!

Lamest story ever? Yes. Let’s all move on.

Things my toddler says

Two brief conversations we had with Clara this week:

The moment I decided to stop walking around in certain types of underwear near my three year old –

Clara: Mom, I like your underwear!
Me: Thanks!
Clara: But why can I still see your butt?

The moment I decided to stop hand washing our dishes –

Tim: Clara, have you been cleaning the potty?
Clara: YES!
Tim: I appreciate you helping, but the brush you’re using is actually for dishes, not the toilet.

How was your holiday?! Are you taking the week off or are you back to your normal routine?

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7 Responses to Things Clara says (pt 3)

  1. Kay R. says:

    Hahaha kids say the darndest things – too cute!

  2. Toddlers are the funniest!! Also, I’m sorry that you guys are sick!! Bensen brought home a bug from nursery a month and a half ago and I think we’re finally past it. It’s amazing how much more pleasant my children are when they feel 100%. I’d almost forgotten that the whining isn’t usually THAT bad….

  3. Laurie Olsen says:

    Omg! That last one! Yikes! Haha! Well happy weekend and I hope everyone is right as rain now!

  4. erinhzauner says:

    oh boy do I feel ya on the sickness! also, those quotes are killing me and also giving me life at the same time. basically anything that is said in the bathroom is worthy of a quote in our house.

  5. Hahahaha- Clara is a serious trip. I feel like you’re in for years and years of prime conversation with her!!
    Feel better soon!! Sending your house some healthy vibes (since my sleep ones worked so well 😉 Haha!)

  6. Oh no I hope you everyone feels better! Love Clara’s underwear comment!

  7. NO NO NO about the dish brush hahaha. I hope you guys feel better!!

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