Another coffee date!

I’m in the mood for a coffee date, aren’t you? Lately I’ve been able to have a lot of gal pal time (sometimes with kids, sometimes without kids) and I’ve loved being able to speak in full sentences and sometimes even finish a thought! And now that it’s Friday, I would love to have a coffee date to finish out the week.

If we were on a coffee date…

Summer activity: blueberry picking!

+ I’d be drinking an 8oz, double shot latte with a bit of vanilla or caramel. I never order larger drinks anymore, because I don’t like paying for extra milk and a weaker drink. It always needs to be a double shot, though! I don’t play around when it comes to my necessary caffeine intake.

+ I’d talk way too much about sleep. It’s the story of my life that NEVER ENDS. (I wrote a little update the other week here.) In summary, Clara is doing great now (yay!) but Isabelle is a disaster. We are working on it and are ready to be over this phase of life when everything just seems hard.

+ I’d tell you I heard (from the Ben & Ashley I. Almost Famous podcast) that women are the most attractive at 31 years old. I have mixed feelings about this! I mean, I am 31 years old and am feeling great, but also does this mean that it all goes downhill from here? Say it ain’t so!

+  While we were on the subject of podcasts, I’d tell you that listening to podcasts on 1.5x speed has been life-changing for me. I love the faster pace and also the fact that I can get through more content and more shows in a shorter time. My podcast list is quite long these days!

Summer activity: blueberry picking!

+ I’d advise you to go blueberry picking! We went with the girls last weekend and had so much fun. I mean, they only lasted about 10 minutes until Clara got distracted and Isabelle needed to be held back from the blueberries before she could eat any more – but those 10 minutes were blissful. Blueberry picking was way easier than strawberry picking with littles – the girls were able to easily pick the berries and Isabelle stuffed as many into her mouth as possible.

+ I’d admit that I didn’t completely avoid the Nordstrom sale. I fully anticipated not buying anything but then I remembered I needed a rain jacket, and I caved and ordered one. It just came today, and I haven’t tried it on yet. We shall see if I’ll keep it! Thank goodness for free shipping & free returns.

I’d ask you if you are current on the Bacheloretteand then I’d tell you that I really want Peter to win, but I don’t think he will. But I also can’t see him being on Bachelor in Paradise nor being the next Bachelor so…. yeah he just needs to win. What are you predicting will happen on the finale?!

… and then I’d ask you about everything you’re up to this summer! I love hearing about everyone’s summer travels and adventures.

What’s on your mind today?!

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18 Responses to Another coffee date!

  1. Heather says:

    OMG…I turn 32 in a couple of weeks so I’d better live up the next little bit of my most attractice age!! hehe. I wonder how people come to that conclusion 🙂 I will say that this age of life is AWESOME though!!
    My mind is on the weekend – can’t wait for some down time with my family and also a few little adventures around the city 🙂 Happy Friday!!!

    • Lisa says:

      Uhoh… it’s all going downhill for you now! Hahahaha! I think people who have kids already aged way prematurely so my prime years are most definitely behind me – but I like to think that I’ve still got it! 😉 I hope you had an excellent weekend!

  2. How do you speed up your podcasts?? Also, I’m working to get caught up on Bachelor, hopefully this weekend!

  3. erinhzauner says:

    ummm, so the early bedtime is working?? tell me everything. also, in regards to coffee, I recently came to the same conclusion about the lattes. I started ordering Americanos, and just putting a splash of cream and a tiny bit of raw sugar in, and it makes me feel like I’m getting the espresso boost of a latte, but without all the milk.

    • Lisa says:

      YES. Let’s text about this early bedtime thing. We have Clara sleeping from 7ish-7ish and life is wonderful. Isabelle on the other hand… all of the eye rolls. I’m clueless here, but are Americanos just drip coffee or is it an espresso drink? For some reason drip coffee makes me jittery so I avoid it!

      • erinhzauner says:

        Okay we are getting there with bedtime…gives me hope. Even maybe hitting that precious age 3. And an Americano is espresso mixed with water, so it tastes like drip more but is just espresso. I’ve officially been converted.

  4. I honestly have no idea what to expect out of the Bachelorette for the rest of the season. I don’t think Peter stands a chance after their discussion on Monday (which, p.s., I thought was so bizarre. I don’t understand Rachel’s stance on engagement at all. It seemed to be that being engaged doesn’t necessarily mean you end up getting married?? WHY?! I mean, I guess I understand why you’d get engaged on the Bachelor(ette) and not end up going through with it, but isn’t the whole point of engagement to end up getting married eventually??), but I could definitely see him (or Dean) being the Bachelor next season. I really think Rachel’s going to go with Bryan, but I honestly don’t trust that guy as far as I could throw him. He has come off as way, way too smooth from day one to me, and that’s definitely not a good thing.

    • Lisa says:

      I don’t understand her stance either butttt i mean that’s the show so I guess it’s expected she wants to be actually ENGAGED and not just with a boyfriend. But I can’t see Peter being the Bachelor because if we know he won’t get engaged after only a few weeks of ‘dating’ then how is he going to be The Bachelor when that’s very CLEARLY the show’s expectation? I’m all about Dean being the Bachelor, though! I don’t really like Bryan.. I can’t explain it, but I don’t trust him.

  5. I followed The Bachelorette at the beginning but then I stopped keeping up. Who’s in the finale with Peter? (I could totally google that.)
    I love the pics of blueberry picking! You guys always do such fun activities!!
    (Also, now you have me looking forward to 31 😉 lol!)

    • Lisa says:

      No Google necessary – it’s Eric and Bryan. And yes, 31 is a whole new level of attractive – let me tell you. If only I didn’t look so tired… haha! I think that kind of ruins everything! 😉

  6. Laurie Olsen says:

    I love these types of posts! So many things to talk about. If I could stay awake. Lol

  7. Kay R. says:

    I stopped following the bachelorette this season. I sometimes speed up my podcasts too but have you tried slowing it down? It sounds hilarious!! Everyone sounds drunk. Try it.

  8. SAME with the large’s just more milk! Gimme that caffeine!

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