Monday thoughts.

+ Clara started preschool today! She was so excited to be back with her friends and teachers and I’m excited to only have one kid on my hands for two mornings per week!

+ I was listening to a podcast (Mom Enough) that mentioned that each meal we feed our kids should have a produce and a protein. This sounds so simple but it was a good reminder for me! I’m also trying to adopt the same habits for my own meals/snacks.

+ I tried Le Tote for the first time the other week and really like it! I’m going to do a fuller review post in the future, but I think this is an especially good service for pregnant women or newly postpartum moms, because you can rent clothes for a month in a different size than you normally wear, and then send them back! I wish I would have done this when I was wearing maternity clothes.

+ We had so much freakin’ fun this past summer and I’m a little sad it’s over. However, I’m excited for fall and football and pumpkins and cooler air and blanket scarves and the leaves changing and just all of the things. But maybe after September, I would like to enjoy a warm September before the PNW rains begin!


+ Confession: I am awesome at buying gifts and cards and AWFUL at actually sending them. I just found a present for a good friend that I meant to send almost a year ago! (It’s a CHRISTMAS present! So embarrassing.) I blame this on the severe hatred I have for the post office and also the fact that I’m great at planning things but suck at executing tasks. I was created for management, I guess.

+ We just received great news today – Tim’s grandparents’ house in Florida was only minimally damaged by Hurricane Irma. We were concerned because they were right in the path of the storm and were evacuated to a high school in the area, but they are unscathed and should be able to move right back into their house! This was a big answered prayer for Tim’s family. We’re continuing to pray for all of those people in both Texas and Florida who weren’t so fortunate and are facing huge obstacles to rebuild after the storm.

+ I don’t want to jinx us but both of our girls are sleeping through the night!!!!!! For a week and counting! Clara has actually been sleeping great for a long time now (praise Jesus, it finally happened!) and Isabelle has evidently figured out that sleeping for 11 consecutive hours is the way to go. We realize that this is probably not the end of our sleeping woes, but we are enjoying this while it lasts.

I hope that preschool also means that this blog will be updated a little more frequently… one can hope! I love writing on here, but these days I am dead tired after about 6pm so when writing doesn’t happen during the day, it just doesn’t happen! Right now I’m appreciating a toddler at school and the other toddler passed out on the couch (she isn’t supposed to be sleeping but I’m letting it slide for this 45 minutes of peace). Ah, life is good.

How has the back-to-school transition been for you?

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