Monday Thoughts (v2)

I’m going to get my bloggers license revoked if I don’t get on this whole posting thing… my apologies. I don’t know how 10 days have already passed right on by! I realize that posting seems to be an essential part of blogging, so I’m going to keep on trying to write with a little more consistency. It’s always the goal.



+ A style challenge.

I’ve written about Audrey’s style challenges before but another one is about to start so you should sign up ASAP! I’ll be scouring thrift stores (and ThredUp, of course) for the next few days, attempting to find awesome clothes from the shopping list. I seriously love her challenges (and blog!) and I think you will, too. I can’t wait to clean out my closet and find new outfits. It makes me feel like I’m one step closer to living my minimalist dream.

+ Apple cider mimosas.

Buy apple cider. Buy champagne. Combine. TA-DA! Now you have the most delicious fall drink. You’re welcome.

+ The NFL protests. 

Ah, our President has decided to make a statement some tweets about NFL players. Are we trying to be distracted from some other problems our nation is facing? Of course! Let’s not get sidetracked from healthcare, North Korea, Russia, etc. etc. He is attempting to get his base fired up about patriotism (or the perceived lack thereof) and I’m not falling for it. Do I care if players kneel or stay in the locker room or continue warming up during our anthem? No. I don’t see football as a particularly patriotic event (so why is the anthem even played before the games?) and everyone has a right to do whatever they’d like during the anthem – it’s a part of the first amendment. I could go on about this for quite a bit, but I’ll refrain. I still intend on watching football on Sundays (until the Seahawks continue losing and become unbearable to watch).

+ Halloween costumes.

Clara wants to be a bee for Halloween since she was a bee last year and already has ‘bee clothes’. I’m debating whether to try to talk her out of this by allowing her to pick-out another costume, or whether I should just go with this since I didn’t actually get any pictures of her last year so it’s basically like the holiday never happened.

+ The Neapolitan Novels

Anytime anyone asks for a book recommendation, I always recommend this one (and the rest of the series) because I love these novels (and Elena Ferrante and all things she writes).

Now I’m off to heat up some leftovers and enjoy a late lunch while my house is still (relatively) quiet.

I hope your Monday is off to a fantastic start!

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