What I Learned in March

It’s never too late to talk about what we learned in March, right?! Right. I feel like I need to write it all down to prove to myself that I’m evolving as a human – slowly but surely. Without further ado…


Things I Learned in March

Traveling/adventure is always worth it (to me).

I am living my best life when I’m doing something new or going on an adventure or traveling… unfortunately this is not always the easiest thing to do with toddlers, and sometimes it’s downright frustrating! However, it’s almost always worth it for me to go. While our trip to Florida wasn’t quite an ‘adventure’, it was definitely a trip, and while I questioned multiple times whether it would be worth the hassle – it definitely was!


People in Florida like their coffee HOT.

I cannot explain this one, but we tried coffee from three different places in Ft Myers, and they all served our coffee SUPER hot. Even Starbucks! Now I generally like my lattes a little more lukewarm than hot anyways, but even Tim had to wait a few minutes to start sipping his drinks, and I had to wait what felt like FOREVER. Maybe I’m spoiled by the coffee in the PNW, but coffee in Florida definitely seemed off. Can anyone else verify this to be true?!

Grove Collaborative is one of my new favorite things.

I discovered this site and am thrilled. I’ve been transitioning to more natural household cleaners, but I don’t always love making a trip to specialty stores to find them. However, this site makes it really easy to find my favorite natural cleaning supplies, plus there are quite a few products on here that I haven’t thought of before. Yay! I love the extra gifts I got for signing up, too. Word of advice: if you’re going to order through them, buy the dishtowel. Tim’s already requested we get a few more from them, and I readily agreed because somehow, the one we received seems magical. We’d clearly been living life wrong before. (Use my referral link for a $10 discount)

I should have read ‘Come As You Are’ 10 years ago.

I feel like I’ve already recommended this book a bijillion times, so I’ll just say that I learned a lot of things, and I think it should be required reading for all women and maybe men!

What did you learn recently?!

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