Weekend Favorites (v6)

Good news! As of Thursday the girls are back in school! We survived the snow days! Except this upcoming week is mid-winter break, which means they’re back at home. Again. For like, the third week in a row. Womp.

Related – I will not survive summer without putting them in childcare! (Note to self…)

These past few days I have been tired. Like super, super tired. As in, if I get off the couch for a few hours I get so exhausted that I immediately need to lie back down and feel like I could take a nap – and I never nap! Pregnancy is kicking my butt these past few days!

But while I’m sitting on the couch, I can share…

Things I’m Into:

  • My favorite podcast on the enneagram types finally released their episode on type 8s! As a 7w8, I loved learning more about myself, but the main reason I’m listening (I’m only halfway through the podcast as I’m typing this) is because Tim is a type 8 and learning more about his type is always so helpful to me!
  • “The results: “Even when such examples of showing vulnerability might sometimes feel more like weakness from the inside, our findings indicate that, to others, these acts might look more like courage from the outside,” the researchers wrote.” (here)
  • I found this list of values and managed to pick my top 5. My goal is to (eventually) have Tim pick his top values and then for us to sit down together and determine our family’s top values. My hope is that this exercise will help us to prioritize and make better decisions on how we spend our time, energy, and other resources.
  • We also watched “Abducted in Plain Sight” (on Netflix). After we finished the documentary Tim asked why the heck I made him watch it… ha! He’s not as into the true crime doc stuff as much as I am, especially now that we have two daughters. I can watch the stuff that’s more ‘crazy’ than ‘creepy’.
  • “When my own son, then aged 12, started asking on Sunday nights, “Was that a weekend? Are you kidding?” I knew what he meant. In my family of four, weekends had become as gridlocked as weekdays. My husband and I were shuttling the kids to sports and playdates, cleaning and fixing our old, broken house, doing the washing – in short, tackling all the tasks neglected during the time-crunched week of a two-career household. And in between, we were scheduling pockets of work. What my son was mourning wasn’t the end of a great weekend, but the fact that those two days hadn’t seemed like a weekend at all; they were barely distinguishable from the five days before it.” (here)

What are you loving right now?! Share in the comments!

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