November is an underrated month

Thanksgiving may be my favorite holiday of the year.

And November may be my (new) favorite month of the year.

Here’s why:

+ Soccer season ended and we got our Saturday mornings back.

+ The leaves on the treesĀ  were still gorgeous.

+ We had beautiful weather in the PNW.

+ Football season. Hockey season.

+ THANKSGIVING. Friendsgiving.

+ Black Friday sales.

+ The start of the Christmas season.

It’s the best of all worlds! Even some Halloween stuff can happen in November. I feel like November as a month is certainly underrated. I love a month with low expectations and just general goodness. A holiday about thankfulness (let’s ignore all other origins) – YES PLEASE. Plus, with November is the promise of pumpkin pie… need I say more?

Now comes December and all associated chaos… and I think I am READY.

What is your favorite month of the year?!

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