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Why I’m A SAHM

I received a reader comment on here the other day, and it asked such a good, thought-provoking question. The reader asked, “Over the years you’ve mentioned numerous times how you don’t really enjoy being a SAHM. Can I ask why … Continue reading

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A new way to think about resolutions (especially for overwhelmed moms!)

I’ve been in some group discussions about resolutions this month (who hasn’t?!), and I’ve been really surprised with the number of people who have told me they “don’t do resolutions”. I don’t even know what this means, honestly. I mean, … Continue reading

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Being an Enneagram Type 7!

One of my obsessions of 2018 was the Enneagram. Anything and everything related to the Enneagram. I first came across the Enneagram in high school, when we did a mini-study of the nine types. Back then I enjoyed it, but it … Continue reading

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Celebrating Love

I’m going to be honest here, I was a bigger fan of Valentine’s Day before it became a Pinterest-worthy event. Or have moms always spent the days before making heart shaped cookies and preparing gifts and all of that photo-worthy … Continue reading

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What I Love

In the past I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day, but now that I have kids, I’m in a major ‘love it’ phase. I loved creating little valentines for their friends and I loved the craft Clara made at … Continue reading

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