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It’s Friday, which means clothing is optional.

This was a big week on this little blog!  I’m hosting this giveaway with Kari. I co-hosted my first link-up (with Brittany). And I talked about all things on my mind. Per usual. 39 weeks and still cookin’! Outside of … Continue reading

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ABCs of Summer (2014 edition).

We Chicagoans wait approximately 9 months each year for the 3 months of summer that come along. You might even say we live for the summer months. And right now, well, we’re in those three months and are loving life! Except for … Continue reading

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Bumpy is quite photogenic these days.

I’m going to warn you right now, this is a post that is solely being published to show off Bumpy, so I hope you like pictures! Giedre from Walking Dot Photography took our one-year pictures, and of course when I found … Continue reading

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I’m crossing ‘win a bridal shower game’ off my bucket list.

Let’s keep today short and sweet (as Mondays should be, right?!). This weekend included: //  Dinner with friends at Mott Street, which is a restaurant I highly recommend. We ate on the patio, I had a delicious mocktail. We had … Continue reading

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If a pregnant lady falls on you, it’s probably no one’s fault but your own.

One thing that Europe (or at least the countries we visited during our last trip: Poland, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic) is undeniably better at than the United States is public transportation. For the most part, we found the subways/trains/buses/trams to … Continue reading

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