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Phew, I’m glad that’s over!

Tim left town for a few days this week, leaving me home alone with the girls for the first time since Isabelle was born. (I can’t believe we got 18 months in without him needing to travel for work!) I … Continue reading

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Common Cold: 4 Benroeck Family: 0

Remember how I said (early last week) that my week was going so great? WELL, that was a few hours before my toddler threw up in my bed. At 4am. I was so tired I a considered not changing the … Continue reading

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Week o’ celebrations.

Last weekend we celebrated Isabelle at her one-year-old birthday party! It was really a fun little morning with a few friends and a bounce house and cupcakes (of course) and pancakes & mimosas. I am a huge fan of the … Continue reading

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Last week I said ‘yes’ to all of the things.

I realize that I don’t write very often about what I actually spend my time doing day in and day out. Once upon a time bloggers wrote¬†a lot of recaps, but I think those are all but disappearing in favor … Continue reading

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Feeling At Home & Links for your Weekend

Seattle truly feels like ‘home’ now, which is such a strange thing to say, since we haven’t been here very long. But as the weeks go by we spend an increasing amount of time in community and we’ve established a … Continue reading

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