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Three Issues I’m Thinking About

I’ve been writing exclusively a lot about parenting lately, but I do think about other things, believe it or not! Although I will admit, I try to keep my brain relatively light now that it’s summer. I’ve been reading chick-lit … Continue reading

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I’m distracted today and it seems inauthentic to write about anything other than the shooting at the church in Charleston. I spent this morning praying for the victims and for our world. I mourned for the loss of life and … Continue reading

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Because I can’t NOT post about Ferguson.

I can’t bring myself to post about anything other than Ferguson right now. This is the ‘problem’ (or maybe it’s a perk, actually) of not planning ahead and keeping a few blog posts drafts on file. I tried to write … Continue reading

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World events – they happen and we should all be informed!

I like to think that I’m a fairly non-judgmental person, but I’m not sure I always succeed. I mean, I don’t act judgmentally towards people (if I can help it) but I definitely think that there are best ways to … Continue reading

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Things that are in my head and on my heart.

Sometimes I think that I focus on too many ‘small’ things and not enough ‘big’ things on my blog and on social media. I tend to do more writing about my own life and less on my opinions about what … Continue reading

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