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Because pictures say it better.

Days like yesterday are sad, and sometimes it’s hard to think about the good in humanity. But there is so, so much good, and I’m remembering that today. Some of the most energizing and uplifting experiences I’ve ever been a part … Continue reading

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It’s not a vacation without a half-naked man scrubbing me down.

When in Turkey, do as the Turkish people do! Or at least do what the other tourists are doing. During our honeymoon a few months ago, the Husband and I found ourselves in a Turkish Bath House.  Sorry for the … Continue reading

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An ode to apple tea.

When we were in Istanbul I cradled a glass of hot apple tea in my hands wherever we went.  We were given tea in the markets while bargaining over the price of decorative plates.  We drank tea at the Grand … Continue reading

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Volunteering turned out to be the very best way we could have started our marriage.

As I’m sure you’ve figured out, the Husband and I returned from Tanzania/Istanbul safe and sound and are now in the process of adjusting to ‘normal’ life.  It’s awful (the adjustment, that is).  The trip was absolutely perfect.  Well, except … Continue reading

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I take typhoid super seriously, I promise.

On Black Friday, while everyone else was spending obscene amounts of money on ‘presents’ (we all know that people actually go out and buy themselves a shit ton of things but they disguise their true intentions by buying 2 or 3 presents … Continue reading

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