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Our dog is ruined (and other vacation side effects).

If you’ve read this little blog for any amount of time, you’ve probably figured out that I love traveling. Like, LOVE traveling. As in, I’d rather travel almost any day of the year than stay at home.  But, even though … Continue reading

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A (long) wedding recap, because it was kind of a big deal.

50 days (or so) after our wedding and I still don’t really know what to say about it. I could do a whole post on why I loved having a destination wedding. Or another one about my favorite memories. Or … Continue reading

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Even the cookies know we’re traveling and expect great things.

Generally I’m a fairly anxious person – but around vacation time I turn into a true mess of nerves and emotions. Luckily, the Husband handles this super well and while I’m busy pacing (because this is what I do when … Continue reading

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I take typhoid super seriously, I promise.

On Black Friday, while everyone else was spending obscene amounts of money on ‘presents’ (we all know that people actually go out and buy themselves a shit ton of things but they disguise their true intentions by buying 2 or 3 presents … Continue reading

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