Even the cookies know we’re traveling and expect great things.

Generally I’m a fairly anxious person – but around vacation time I turn into a true mess of nerves and emotions.

Luckily, the Husband handles this super well and while I’m busy pacing (because this is what I do when I have too much nervous energy) he finished putting all of my piles of clothes into a suitcase.  And he did it well.  All of our stuff for 2.5 weeks into a single suitcase and carry-on.  Packing success!

Ah, another reason being married is awesome – maybe your significant other will love you enough to pack for you.  Or maybe it’s another reason that living with a person who will pack for you is awesome.  OK, it’s basically just another reason that I’m continuously glad I had the good sense to marry the man I did, either way, I’m thankful!

Anyway, we were out to eat last night (Chinese food, because it will be hard to find Chinese food in Tanzania, we’re assuming) and our fortune cookies calmed me down substantially.  I wasn’t calm enough to stop pacing, but I was able to sleep!  I also ate some chocolate in the form of a cupcake – so that probably helped, too.

These were our fortunes.  And we only had to open one cookie each to find them (the clarification is necessary in case there are skeptics out there who think we opened 80 cookies to find these amazing fortunes.)  Fitting, no?!

fortune cookies

I hope you’re right little cookies, I hope you’re right.

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