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I like to hypothetically name my hypothetical children.

In honor of the Husband’s birthday today, I will share a story: The Husband and I are not pregnant (nor trying to become pregnant), but this does not stop us from naming our hypothetical children.  YAY being an adult! (This was … Continue reading

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Even the cookies know we’re traveling and expect great things.

Generally I’m a fairly anxious person – but around vacation time I turn into a true mess of nerves and emotions. Luckily, the Husband handles this super well and while I’m busy pacing (because this is what I do when … Continue reading

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I didn’t win the lottery, in case you were wondering.

I was not the winner of $500 million this week.  I bet you’re as shocked as I am!  Feel free to send over some sympathy cards with either cash or Pottery Barn gift cards inside.

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