I like to hypothetically name my hypothetical children.

In honor of the Husband’s birthday today, I will share a story:

The Husband and I are not pregnant (nor trying to become pregnant), but this does not stop us from naming our hypothetical children.  YAY being an adult! (This was a sarcastic ‘yay’, I actually find it terrifying that we’re old enough to actually make these sorts of decisions for real).

We like to have themes when we’re thinking of names.  For instance, I want to name our future offspring after my favorite cheeses.  The Husband wants to name our children after ERP systems.  (This says a lot about our personalities.  Actually, it says all you really need to know about us).

It’s not unusual for the Husband to come home after work and for me to greet him at the door with:

HUSBAND! I think we should name our first daughter Brie, after the cheese.  Our son can be Cheddar.

I always get this look when I say things like this:

He's clearly not amused by my suggestions.
He’s clearly not amused by my suggestions.

But, I told my best friend about my naming scheme and she immediately recommended the name ‘Havarti’ and ‘Goat.’  I also like the name ‘Gouda.’   We were on quite the roll with this brainstorming thing.  This is why we’re best friends.

This plan is looking more promising every day!

The Husband prefers the name ‘Dax’ after ‘Microsoft Dynamics’  I feel like if I name my child after a software, I should at least be receiving some sort of advertising money from Microsoft.  Anyone know who I can talk to about securing a deal for this?

I’ll keep you posted about how this turns out.  Feel free to recommend any other themes or names you can think of.  One of my friends suggested names after bones, but I just don’t like the name ‘Femur.’


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