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The times I don’t help Clara

This parenting post came across my Facebook feed the other day and I love everything about what it says, so I had to share. It’s entitled, “Don’t Stand Me Up” (I actually read a lot of Janet Lansbury’s posts and I … Continue reading

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God is calling me to more than motherhood.

I had this moment a few weeks ago in which I realized that I don’t think being a mom is the only thing that God has planned for me. While this may seem rather obvious, to me, it was a … Continue reading

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Things no one could tell me about becoming a mom.

I often see posts written about motherhood/fatherhood that contain lists of things people wish others had told them about parenting, and to be honest, more often than not, these lists irritate me because they aren’t original in the least. I … Continue reading

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Traveling with Clara (as a kind-of-crunchy mom).

I was going to title this post something more generic – like ‘traveling with a baby’ (because I’m feeling very original today), but honestly, no one travels the same especially when children are involved. All I can really talk about are … Continue reading

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