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A Playdate for the Dads

It’s Saturday morning at approximately 9:30am, and I’m back in bed. Because miracles do happen. I have three glorious hours to myself this morning, and I’ve decided to spend them reading, editing photos, writing this quick blog post, and running … Continue reading

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Almost One Week Postpartum

The end of pregnancy is crazy because one day you’re pregnant and then one day you’re suddenly not. Or maybe it’s not so sudden. In my case the process certainly didn’t seem very quick. In any case, I’m writing this … Continue reading

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Where I am (mentally) right now as a toddler mom.

Am I allowed to say that I don’t think being a toddler mom is for me? Because I’m not sure it is. I’m more of a newborn/baby person. I freakin’ love newborns. I could cuddle a baby all day and … Continue reading

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Time away.

Gosh, I guess I took a little bit of a break (from blogging) over the last week or so. It’s not because nothing has been happening – on the contrary – too much has been happening and I’ve barely been … Continue reading

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Climbing slides

Over the past few months I’ve noticed something about 90% of the parents at the playgrounds we frequent: they don’t let their children climb the slides. Their kid will go down the slide and turn themselves around to climb right … Continue reading

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