Time away.

Gosh, I guess I took a little bit of a break (from blogging) over the last week or so. It’s not because nothing has been happening – on the contrary – too much has been happening and I’ve barely been able to keep up! Last week Tim was out of town and I escaped to my mom’s house so that she could spend some quality time with Clara and also help me to run after her. Then I left for the Influence Conference on Thursday and Tim’s mom came to our house to watch Clara until Tim got back into town on Friday and could take over dad duty.

I got back to Chicago on Sunday which means that it was my first time being away from Clara for longer than six hours straight! Wooohooo!

Seriously. The three days I was away were glorious.

Influence Conference Roommates

I was not one of those moms that cried at the door. I said goodbye to Clara and put her down for a nap and practically sprinted away. It’s not that I don’t love spending time with my daughter (because I obviously do, although some days I enjoy it more than others) but being with her all day, every day for 14+ months is a lot of time with one little person! I was in desperate need of some time with other adults and I was so excited to get some time with lady friends at the conference, and to not be woken up by a yelling baby at 5am.

The Influence Conference was incredible, and I was able to really think about my relationship with God and the directions He’s steering my life. I need a few more days to process everything, but it was good stuff and I had the absolute best time meeting and chatting with other women and hearing so much wisdom.

As for Clara… she’s officially broken.

When I left Chicago she was waking up once at night (which just started last week – before that she was sleeping 12 hours straight) but could be soothed in about 5-10 minutes. Last night, which was my first night back at home, she woke up just about every hour after midnight and woke up at 5am for the day.


I’m not going to name any names… but if I was going to, I would say this has to be Tim’s fault. Just sayin’. (Or, more likely, it’s a developmental leap or teething… but for simplicity’s sake I shall keep blaming Tim.)

But seriously, we’re in a constant sleep deprived state over here and I’m sure this past weekend was tough, so I’m especially thankful that Tim and his mom tag-teamed watching Clara for a few days so I could go to the conference. The main reason that I was able to leave with such joy and without a hint of anxiety is because I knew that Clara wasn’t just in good hands, she was in the very best hands. It’s such a blessing to have so many people who enjoy caring for my daughter.

The first time away from my baby.

If you’re a mom and are about to leave your little one for the first time, whether it’s just for a few hours or for a few days, I think it’s good to remember that even though you’re the best mom to your child, (s)he also has a best dad/grandparent/family friend who is very capable of keeping him/her alive and happy for a period of time until you come back! Children are so adaptable and happy and I’m convinced that we miss them far more than they miss us.

And to prove my point, when Clara woke up from her nap and realized I was home, she ran straight to Tim. I was tempted to be a bit sad that she didn’t run at top speed directly to me, but I was actually relieved that she didn’t think it was a huge deal when I returned. I guess she was too busy having fun to worry about why I wasn’t around – which is just fine with me!

Today she’s back to ‘normal’ (minus the sleep).

So I hope you don’t feel tons of mom-guilt when you leave your baby/toddler/kiddo for any period of time – they will be just fine and so will you!


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15 Responses to Time away.

  1. Valerie says:

    Ok, I keep hearing amazing things about this Influence Conference! Just looked up the website, and it sounds fantastic! Did they mention the date/location for 2016? Really sounds so, so incredible. (And what fantastic roomies you had!)

    • Lisa says:

      They’re actually not having a conference in 2016, but instead are doing two regional one-day events in July and November, with the dates and locations TBD. It’s a bummer they aren’t having the big event in Indy, though, it was so much fun! I recommend joining the network even if you don’t go to the conferences, though! I love the classes (you get one free class per month with the $10 membership) and there’s a pretty good sense of community on the website through forums. I’ve met a bunch of women through my community group and we pray for each other and encourage each other regularly – which is pretty neat! If you decide to sign up, my referral link is: http://bit.ly/1VjI50Z. 🙂

  2. This is lovely! So glad you got to go to the conference!

  3. Jordyn says:

    I think it is so important for moms to take time to be around other adults. I’m not a mom so I can’t understand the intensity of motherhood but I know after 5 days straight of nannying for 10-12 hours a day I was ready to scream. Adults need time to feel heard and understood and cared for by other adults. I think it is great that Clara can be around other people, it’s not a lack of love for you it’s that you’ve done a great job of making her feel safe and loved by others! I’m glad you had such a great experience at the conference!

    • Lisa says:

      You are such an encouragement (per usual) to me, Jordyn! I think it was also really nice for me to realize that I can leave Clara and she’s fine when I return! I mean, I knew she would be, but now I feel really confident about it… even though she no longer sleeps and it’s driving me NUTS to need to sleep ‘train’ her again! I don’t know how nanny’s do it… it’s tough enough to watch my own kid and I can’t imagine watching someone else’s!

  4. Amberly says:

    I love this!!! I’m so glad you got away, even if Tim broke the baby while you were away. I guess she’s not a baby anymore… but it sounds better saying broke the baby than broke the toddler. And I love your points at the end. Leaving Bensen every day for work is hard sometimes, but I know he’s with people who love him and want the best for him. We’re leaving him for three days next month and I’m looking forward to it, but a little sad at the same time! I’ll miss him!

    • Lisa says:

      I’m excited that you and Joe are going to get some time away!! Tim and I still haven’t taken a trip without Clara (because I was waiting until I’m done breastfeeding) but I hope we get to eventually….

  5. Susannah says:

    Someday I’ll go to The Influence Conference!!! And I’m SO sorry about Clara not sleeping well. Since we moved Caleb started waking up a minimum of 3 times a night. Last night he was back to only once!!!! I’m praying that stays (or that he figures out how NOT to wake up at all)

    • Lisa says:

      This year was actually the last one! Now they’re going to do 2 regional events per year instead of one big event. And I’m sorry to hear about Caleb’s sleep! It’s amazing how any sort of change really messes them up, but at least he’s only up once now! Clara is still waking up around every half hour after 3am and Tim and I are SUFFERING.

  6. I think it’s so important to take time for yourself and to do things on your own that will better yourself. It’s a great example to be setting for your little girl! 🙂

  7. Amy says:

    Christine, who co-leads my moms group, was at the Influence Conference too! She said it was so awesome! Glad you got to have some awesome girl time!

    • Lisa says:

      Ohmygosh, really?! I wish I would have known that so I could have tried to find her – even though it was really crazy there. It was truly SUCH a great weekend and I could feel God’s love radiating through every individual I talked to. Does Christine have a blog or online store or anything?

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