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Pre-Baby Bucket List (for those final weeks)

I know there are a lot of ‘what you need to do before you can welcome a baby into the world’ type of lists out there, and for the record – I don’t agree with most of them. For instance, … Continue reading

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Things I Want To Tell My Pregnant Friends

A few of my mom friends were chatting about pregnant women the other day (everyone I know is pregnant. Everyone.) and we were talking about how when we see first-time pregnant women we all kind of smile and nod and say … Continue reading

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Staying Healthy in Pregnancy (with Naked Cold Pressed Juice)

Everyone knows that it’s important to stay as healthy as possible while pregnant. I mean, there are books and books and books on the topic (none of which I’ve read, honestly). Pregnant women are supposed to eat healthfully, exercise a … Continue reading

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Push Presents are NOT Stupid

Remember that post I wrote about why pregnant women should avoid message boards? I stand by my opinion. If you’re pregnant, avoid the message boards. In a moment of weakness I decided to join an ‘April Birth’ message board because … Continue reading

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Third Trimester (aka, “The Final Countdown”)

I can’t decide if this pregnancy is going super slowly, or super quickly at this point. The weeks fly by, but when I say I’m ‘only’ 31 weeks pregnant, I feel like I have forever-and-a-half to go. My physical therapist laughed … Continue reading

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