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If at first you don’t succeed, continue baking the damn eclairs.

In case you haven’t noticed or aren’t fortunate enough to live in the midwest during winter… it’s fucking really, really cold here.  Today feels balmy in the 20’s, that’s how bad it’s been. Take Friday for example… I woke up … Continue reading

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Real life: The Jimmy Johns man ran away with my cardigans.

Remember the other day when I talked about my love of online shopping?  Well, (and I know this is shocking) sometimes things don’t always go as planned and I end up getting a letter saying I should go to the … Continue reading

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Husband to the rescue!

The other night I found yet another thing that the Husband does super-well: he saves me in moments of crisis.  Well, maybe ‘crisis’ is too strong of a word… but he definitely comes to rescue me when I’m locked out … Continue reading

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Please don’t chase that baby stroller.

Isn’t it great when your dog is wonderfully well-behaved and doesn’t attack the runners/strollers/skateboarders/other dogs/anything-that-moves-faster-than-him? I wouldn’t know.  Our dog is an asshole. I’m fairly certain he thinks his entire life mission revolves around Eating Ensuring we are safe from … Continue reading

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