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(The lack of) gun control and feeling vulnerable

Sometimes most of the time I avoid talking about political things on this blog because I like blogging to be lighthearted and semi-neutral and relaxing to write and to read. However, my mama heart is aching because of gun violence … Continue reading

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World events – they happen and we should all be informed!

I like to think that I’m a fairly non-judgmental person, but I’m not sure I always succeed. I mean, I don’t act judgmentally towards people (if I can help it) but I definitely think that there are best ways to … Continue reading

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Please don’t chase that baby stroller.

Isn’t it great when your dog is wonderfully well-behaved and doesn’t attack the runners/strollers/skateboarders/other dogs/anything-that-moves-faster-than-him? I wouldn’t know.  Our dog is an asshole. I’m fairly certain he thinks his entire life mission revolves around Eating Ensuring we are safe from … Continue reading

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