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At least TELL me we’re stealing the cable!

Yesterday was a semi-traumatic day in my life. You may think I’m exaggerating, but I assure you, I am not. You see, I had a great morning. The Husband was working from home, the weather was beautiful, Ozzie was acting … Continue reading

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Attempting to unplug (but only for a few hours per day, let’s not get crazy here).

The lovely Amberly and Kalyn have decided to motivate themselves and others to more actively strive for the best in their relationships (at whatever stage those might be in!) by creating weekly or monthly relationship goals to focus on. Well, … Continue reading

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I finally got a Twitter account, because all of the cool kids totally did it 5 years ago.

I’m always a bit behind on technology. And by a ‘bit’ I mean I’m at least 5 years behind on the current ‘trends.’ I’m not even sure ‘trend’ is the right word… Is the iPhone a trend? Is Instagram? Pinterest? … Continue reading

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‘Cockhawks’ and other things I’m willing to put up with to save $50.

We’re a hockey-type family (meaning the Husband and I love hockey and the little monster doesn’t like anything on TV because he feels threatened by anything or anyone that moves faster than him… but he can still be a fan … Continue reading

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